5th grade News

December's here?!


Wow, we are almost halfway through this school year! Moving forward into 2016, expectations will be higher than ever as we prepare your children to enter the 6th grade.

Next week will be a normal week, the following week- Monday will be a full day and Tuesday-Friday will be half days. The dress code for that week is as follows:

Monday (14th)- Uniforms

Tuesday (15th)- Cougar Pride day

Wednesday (16th) Casual

Thursday (17th) Christmas shirt/ ugly Christmas sweater

Friday (18th) Uniforms

On Tuesday the 15th, if your child would like to participate we will be having an ugly christmas shirt decorating day! Send in a solid color shirt, and some crafting supplies (some supplies will be provided) and we will make some fantastically UGLY shirts!

Thursday the 17th will be our party day. These parties are to take place from 9-10. Please plan to drop your child off that morning, so that we may wrap up anything we need to before Grandparent's day and the end of the quarter. If you are helping to set up, we ask that you do not start setting up until 8:45 to alleviate distractions. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

LeyhewParty- Donna Floyd (click below to sign up)


Bowman Party- Betsy Bush ... 615-347-8031

Cooper Party- Jennifer Fleming

Friday Dec. 18th, will be Grandparents' Day. Students will have a morning performance in the Varsity gym. Invite your precious grandparents for this special performance! Students are welcome to leave after the performance, however, they will return to their homeroom with their teachers. There is a sign out sheet in each classroom, as well as a special gift for their grandparents.

DARE graduation is Monday at 1:45 in the Miller Gym.

The 4th and 5th grades are sponsoring a family as a Christmas service project. Each homeroom has a child to sponsor. Information for each homeroom's child can be found on a red paper coming home today in the Friday folders.

Upcoming Tests: Math (Tuesday) Bible (Wednesday)


If you haven't yet heard- I'm doing away with weekly spelling tests (after research and discussion, not just because I don't want to grade them) we will still be testing spelling, but it won't be every week. When we do have spelling tests, it will be over homophones, commonly misspelled words, words they actually use often in their writing, and such as that.

We've been finishing up various projects on Wonder this week, as well as beginning a research project. If your child hasn't finished their flip book, book cover, or writing their Julian chapter I would really like those assignments on Monday. I don't like sending things home over the weekend, but I have given ample time and help on these assignments and simply can't dedicate more classroom time to finishing them. Points will be deducted the later they get turned in.

The research projects are coming along beautifully. Many students are finished, and will be working on the interactive portion next week.

Social Studies

Thanks so much for your patience while I have been out with the flu most of this week. Your children have been busy researching and making presentations, which I have been grading via video. Isn't technology handy?! Next week will be busy with an assembly line, Pioneer Theme Play, and that Time-line. Whew! There may be a pop-quiz just to make sure they are learning. :)


Test- Ch. 5 Tuesday


Test- David Wednesday

We will be studying the Psalms beginning after the David test (the Psalms are not tested)