Manton Elementary Newsletter

January 8, 2021 Vol. 17

Important dates to remember:

  1. Monday, January 18 PTO meeting 6:30 PM in the elementary library
  2. Monday, January 18 1:00-2:00 Interventions resume

News for You:

  • Interventions: The 1:00-2:00 interventions will resume on Monday, January 18th. If your student was participating in the interventions before the shut-down, then they will continue on the 18th. New groups will be formed in early February.
  • Please remember to send in a water bottle and face mask for your student.
  • If you have an updated phone number and/or address please be sure to contact the office to have this updated in our system.
  • PTO: The PTO (parent-teacher organization) is looking for new parent recruits who want to be a part of a great group to enhance the school experience for all students! The next meeting is on Monday, January 18, at 6:30 PM. Come to the doors on Maple Street to be screened in.
  • Please note the following Internet Access points for Manton Students: (Student devices will automatically connect to the wireless network except Bloomfield Township) Manton School Parking lot, Rollins Church, Caldwell Township, Bloomfield Township using the following code: bYid3fi6 , Liberty Township, Greenwood Township, Cedar Creek Township.
  • Parents dropping off their children on Maple Street. Please do not allow your child to exit on the traffic side. This is a safety precaution, and we appreciate your assistance.
  • Parents are not allowed in the building this year. If you have a pre-arranged meeting, then you will need to wear a face mask and be screened in.
  • Please wash your child's face mask each day before wearing it again at school.
  • Parents, continue to drive forward in the drop-off lane, and please do not leave the vehicle. It has been a great start to the school year, and we want to keep it that way. Thanks!

Positive Self-Talk

I would like to focus on student's attitudes towards themselves. I would like to encourage our students, and the adults in their lives, to start each day wtih positive affirmations! To do this, you and your child will look in the mirror while getting ready for your day, and say:
  • I am Smart
  • I am Loved
  • I am Confident
  • I am a Good Friend
  • I Care about Others
Starting each day on a positive not can change brain chemistry and will improve their mood and decrease negative thoughts.

Manton Remote Students

Recommended Engagement Time

  • Math: 45 Minutes per day
  • ELA: 45 minutes per day
  • Science or SS: 30 minutes per day two days a week
  • Specials: 30 minutes per day
  • Writing: 30 minutes per day

Student Health Screener


☐ Temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or feels feverish

☐ Sore throat

☐ New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing (for students with chronic allergic/asthmatic cough,

a change in their cough from baseline)

☐ Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain

☐ New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever