Are you one in a million???

By: Yanely A. & Yaneli G.

You can be the villian or the super hero......

When you smoke you not only hurt yourself but you hurt the people around you as well. Second hand smoke is more dangerous than the smoke you are consuming and can cause huge health problems for others. If you love kids then STOP SMOKING! You could give a poor five year old, or a two year old asthma or lung cancer as a result of your second hand smoke. Though if that isn't bad enough a mother who is pregnant could give her unborn child breathing problems while they are in womb. If you dont want to ruin those peoples lives then rethink what you are doing.

So what does it do to you??

Well to start Tobacco is known to be the second most preventable cuase of death world wide. This means you can save yourself from dieing just by not smoking that mocking white stick. Yet if you decide to start then your lungs could turn an awful black color. It can cause (COPD) which is a desease that can cuase wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. So just an example, if you wanted to go out for a run with a friend, family member, or even a grandchild when your older, you wont be able to becuase you would not be able to breath. You could also become blind as a result of optic nerve damage. And thanks to the 4,000+ chemicals found in a single cigarette you can get cancer not only in your lungs but in multiple body parts. Some body parts include your eyes, esophagus, oral cavity, lip, nose etc. So although you may think its nothing right now, do you really want to end up like this?? Do you want to miss out on things as a result of bad choice that could have been prevented? I sure dont, but do you?
Second hand smoke expose is higher among people with low incomes. Statistics have shown that during 2011-2012 more than 2 out of every 5 (43.2%) nonsmokers who lived below the poverty level were exposed to secondhand smoke. People who smoke tobacco are less likely to get a job and are less likely to have a stable job. Nearly half (46.8%) of Black nonsmokers in the United States were exposed to secondhand smoke. About 22 of every 100 (21.8%) non-Hispanic White nonsmokers were exposed to secondhand smoke. Nearly a quarter (23.9%) of Mexican American nonsmokers were exposed to secondhand smoke. It's all up to you if you want to be just another statistic.
It doesn't matter where you start. Just start.

You want to stop smoking and you need help visit for help. You can also call 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-448-7848).