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Notes from Dr. Valadez

The first six weeks is nearing an end. As you wrap up a successful first six weeks, please remember the Professional Development Plans (PDP), and Student Learning Objectives (SLO) are due Monday, September 28. In addition, Campus Action Plans are due Friday, October 2.

As you begin to collect your common assessment data, reflect on the following questions:

1. Does the data reflect that your new teachers have an in-depth knowledge of their grade level/course content?

2. Have all your teachers profiled their students?

3. How will you and your team use the data to target teachers that are in need of immediate CIC support and how will you track this support?

You all have done great things for our students, stay the course. Have a great week!

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Instructional Tidbit

Five Highly Effective Teaching Strategies

1. Teacher Clarity

2. Classroom Discussion

3. Feedback

4. Formative Assessments

5. Metacognitive Strategies

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