The cost of pursuing a Dream

In the movie "Inside Jobs," many of the people buying stocks and investing their hard earned money, had to mature and grow up in order to acquire such money. These people had to sacrifice their youth and become an adult that makes money. Many of these large companies knew what they were doing was wrong and would end up stealing their investors money in order to do whatever they wanted in life with little responsibility, little responsibility like that of a child's. Take in consideration an article titled "In Goldman Sachs We Trust." "Goodman foolishly participated in the creation of dangerously leveraged investment vehicles that were toxic for investors."(Line 1 Paragraph 4). Sachs is investing in things that destroy people's dreams. For Goldman Sachs, taking away other people's youth is required for him to keep his. Back to the story of "Inside Jobs," many of the employees of these companies do illegal things, such as cocaine and even hire prostitutes for their own personal satisfaction, ALL at the expense of the naive investors unaware their money is being used like that.

Jay Gatsby was getting older each day and his youth was slowly running out. HE had come to realize he had to sacrifice this youth in order to help achieve his dreams. When Gatsby met Dan Cody, he had to give up some of his youth to help them man sail. He had to think and act like an adult if he wanted to become wealthy and achieve his american dream. This is also like the story of a man named Andrew Galasetti. He grew up fatherless and his youth was one of the costs at becoming a man. In the article written by Brett Mckay, "6 Lessons I Learned about Being a Man from Growing up Fatherless" Andrew had learned that without some of his youth, he "was taught a lot of things about being a man"(paragraph 5). Andrew came to realize at an early age that "no one is going to hand me my dreams or what i need in life, and that i need to go out there and capture it myself." Chuck Roger also had an interesting article. He wrote "Growing UP" showing that "growing up requires accepting truths that our younger selves denied" (paragraph 1). In other words, he is saying that people's youth, at some point in time, has to be the cost to achieve one's dreams. Later in the piece, he explains that maturing comes from "acknowledging the likelihood of awful consequences" (paragraph 8). This just goes to show that at one point, people need to grow up, sacrifice their youth, in order to become closer to achieving their dreams.


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