Fifth Grade News

Mr. Ceresa

Outdoor Education Notice

October 8th, Fifth Grade will be leaving for Outdoor Education.

All paperwork needs to be turned in by end of the school day tomorrow (Friday, September 26). Medicine needs to be turned in by end of the school day Friday, October 4.



You play an integral role in the continued education and academic success of your child. Being informed and involved in the education of your child is a fundamental privilege and responsibility of being a parent.

New to my website is a monthly homework calendar. It has been developed to help you reinforce concepts and skills being taught in the classroom.

Solid thick lines on dates indicate homework, projects, or upcoming assessments. Simply click on the dates to view details. You will also be able to click on most homework assignments to get a copy of the homework.

Cell Phones at School

Per district policy, the possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices must be kept out of sight and in an inconspicuous location, such as a backpack, purse, or locker. They must be turned off during the regular school day. They may not be used in any manner that will cause disruption to the educational environment or will otherwise violate student conduct rules.

If you or your child are uncomfortable leaving a phone in a backpack, purse, or locker I offer to keep it until the end of the day in a locked cabinet in my classroom. All you child has to do is ask!

Also, did you know that state law prohibits use of a cell phone within a school zone? Both hand-held and hands-free cell phones are prohibited while driving in a school zone. Also, all Illinois drivers are prohibited from texting while driving. Let us please work to make our children safe.


STEM is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM programs engage students in problem solving activities as they learn to build, test, and refine theories and models; collect and analyze data; construct and critique arguments and positions; and develop effective ways to process and communicate through reading, writing, and speaking.

The STEM program utilizes K’NEX, which offer hands-on learning opportunities that encourage scientific inquiry, investigation and experimentation.

In order to participate, your child must exhibit an interest in at least one of the four STEM categories. He or she must be actively engaged in classroom lessons and put forth significant effort in all assignments. Your child must display respect for him/herself, adults, peers, and equipment. He or she must exhibit an eagerness to help teachers and other students, be well-behaved and follow directions, and have a desire to learn. The program is not play time.

Program Details:

Session Dates: Week of September 30 – November 20

Session Days: Tuesdays (Grade4), Wednesdays (Grade 5), Thursdays (Grade 6)

Session Times: 3 – 4 PM