Help Save the Savanah

Help save our furry friends out in the jungle

The Savannah

The Savanna is full of animals, ranging from Mice to Elephants. The Savanna is their home and humans are taking that away from them by cutting down trees and building houses.

Facts about the Savannah

The Savannahś normal climate is mostly warm with a wet/dry climate

The savannah is home to 12 major species such as lions, Zebras, Giraffes, and crocodiles.

Would you really want to be hurting any of these animals?

How are Humans destroying the Savannah

How are we destroying the savannah?

Humans play a major role in destroying the savannah. We do this by Tearing down trees and building houses. We also hurt the savannah by hunting down animals like Antelopes which are a major food source for lions. Humans also have made the black rhino one of the most endangered species by killing of most of them for their horns.