Author information.

Margret Peterson Haddix. (born April 9, 1964) is an American author best known for writhing "The Missing" series and " The Shadow Children sequence. Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio. She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with degrees in English/journalism, English/creative writing and history. Before writing her first book, she worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Two friends named Jonah and chip were playing basket ball one day talking about school and other normal things but their lives would change because of strange letters that they would receive. Jonah was adopted and he always knew that and so did many other kids in school know it. When he received a letter that said " You are one of the missing" he just believed that it was just a prank and that kids at school were taunting him. But when chip received the same letter a day later chip became suspicious if he was adopted. Once he asked his father and the way that he responded he knew he was adopted and that his parents were hiding that from him for 13 years. Then Jonah and chip realized that the letters could not of been a prank because how would the kids at school know that chip was adopted.

A few days later they both received another letter that said " Beware, they are coming back to get you!" When they both received this letter they thought if someone was going to go and kidnap them. Jonah is afraid to tell his parents because he know they would get the police involved and would panicking about it but he did mention that he wanted to know more about his adoption. Later Jonah, his sister Katherine, and his parents meet with a man in the FBI called Mr. Reardon to discuss why his adoption records are so secret and why they aren't allowed to know. During the stressful arguments Jonah had to throw up because he had too much Mountain Dew. While he was in the bathroom he sees this man who seemed threatening to Jonah but the man said he is there not to harm him but to give him instructions. He tells him to memorize as much as he can on the files that were on Mr. Reardons desk. Once he gets back he sees the file on the desk, but it wasn't there before and Mr. Reardon wasn't very happy about it being there either. He didn't want Jonah's parents to notice it. He turned back at Katherine and she was in shock. The she tells him she saw a man appear out of nowhere, put the files on Mr.Reardons desk when he wasn't looking, and vanish into thin air. Jonah and Katherine eventually get a hold of the files by taking pictures secretly. When they were back home they downloaded the pictures onto chips computer and started calling everyone who's name was on the lists.

They soon meet with one of the people at the library. Her name was Angela dupre and she told them her unreal memories 13 years ago. She told them that there was an un announced plane that came out of nowhere. There were exactly 36 babies on the plane and no one else and when the babies were unloaded the plane just disappeared. She said that Jonah and chip may have been on that plane and that they may be from the future.

Jonah and chip had attended an adoption conference that was sponsored by the government hoping to meet with other kids from the plane. But they didn't know it was a scheme for them to be all gathered back and to be taken away by people from the future

Then came a fight for the children when they were taken out of time. The kids find out that they are the missing kids of history, sons and daughters of kings and great explorers. That were stolen and brought to the 21st century by accident and they had two choices. To return to the past and face the horrible deaths they were destined to die. Or go to the future and risk a time paradox that may destroy time itself. There was no going back.


The book was a very good book. It had a lot of suspense and left the reader wondering. The book is really good but the ending of it wasn't to great because it stopped when there was a lot more to tell. I realize its a series book and there is more books after this but I was kind of disappointed by the way it ended.