Neil Armstrong

August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong was born on August 5 1930. and died on August 25 2012. He joined NASA in 1962, and did his first trip into space in 1966 on the Gemini8. His second trip was on July 1969 in the Apollo11, as commanding pilot. He was also the first man to walk on the moon, which he did on that mission.

other astronauts

Buzz Aldrin-January 20,1930 to this day. He was the one who was with Neil on the moon.

Michael Collins-October 30,1930 to this day. He was in the command module when Neil was on the moon.

David Scott-June 6,1932 to this day. He went with Neil on the Gemini8.

Russell Louis Schweitzer- October 25, 1935 to this day. He was the back up for the Skylab mission