by Valentina Aguilar


  • Geologists are scientists who study the earth's crust to obtain an accurate picture of its structure, history, and composition.
  • Geologists' findings are used in construction, in planning environmental protection measures, and in exploring for sources of coal, metals, petroleum, and natural gas. They work for private industries, the federal government, colleges, universities, and museums.
  • Kinds of geologists

-Mineralogists- study rocks, minerals, and precious stones. They classify them according to their composition and structure.

-Paleontologists- work with biologists to determine what the world was like in prehistoric times. They study fossils and layers of rock.

-Engineering geologists- help to determine where to construct dams, lay pipelines, and build roads.


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  • Some require professional licence or to be registered
  • You can become a Geologist with a bachelor's degree in 3 years
  • those working in geology may further their education in specialized fields and become paleontologists, geophysicists, and oceanographers.

Where are jobs available?

  • high schools
  • colleges
  • petroleum and natural gas industry