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Friday, Jan. 14, 2022

WDMCS Board Approves Extending Mask Requirements During School Day

The WDMCS Board of Education held a special Board meeting Thursday, Jan. 13, to discuss recommended changes to the Return-to-Learn plan. The changes district leadership proposed were based on current COVID-19 data within the district, Polk County, and state of Iowa. The Board approved the recommendations in a 4:2 vote. One Board member was unable to attend the special meeting due to a previous commitment.

What are the changes?

All individuals, including students, staff, and visitors are required to wear face masks WHILE INDOORS DURING SCHOOL HOURS through FRIDAY, FEB. 18, 2022.

  • Face masks will only be enforced during school hours and while indoors.
  • Preschool students under the age of five are required to wear face masks for the remainder of the semester because they are not eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Students who participate in after school or weekend athletics and/or activities are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to wear face masks while indoors.
  • Spectators or individuals attending after school activities or events are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to wear face masks while indoors.

What happens after Feb. 18?

Starting Monday, Feb. 21, 2022, all individuals, including students, staff, and visitors, are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to wear face masks while indoors.

  • Because face masks are only required during the school day, weekend events Feb. 19-20 would follow the same guidance where we highly encourage individuals to wear face masks.

Get the 2022-23 Calendar at a Glance

The 2022-23 WDMCS calendar at a glance is now available to view or print in Arabic, Bosnian, English, Hakha Chin, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The first day of school for K-12 students is Aug. 24, and Tiger Cubs Preschool students will start school on Sept. 6.

School Nurses Urge Caution During Heightened Illness

A message from our WDMCS Nurses

WDMCS Families,

We have been experiencing a high number of students and staff absences across the district due to illness. In addition to positive COVID-19 cases, other reported illnesses include the stomach flu, strep throat, sinus infections, and influenza, as well as the common cold.

As we know, school illness rates often mirror community illness rates. Illness in our community, including positive COVID-19 cases, is very high right now. Please observe your students for any sign of illness and keep them home if they feel sick.

If your student shows any symptoms of COVID-19, please have them tested. Free COVID-19 Test Iowa kits are available by completing a request form or contacting your school nurse.

Contact your school nurse by phone or email to report a positive case.

In addition to staying home when ill, please remind your students to continue to wash their hands often and cover their coughs and sneezes.

We love supporting your student's health. You can help us by monitoring for any symptoms, contacting us with questions, and keeping your students home when they don't feel well.

WDMCS School Nurses

Laura Mears
, Manager of Blank Nurses at WDMCS

- YouTube

Substitute Spotlight: Keveon Broadwater

While playing for the Iowa Barnstormers brought Keveon Broadwater to central Iowa, he's now a mainstay in the Western Hills Elementary hallways.

"I had a lot of free time on my hands, so I ended up applying and doing the background check and almost a month into it, here I am subbing," he said. "The staff here at Western Hills is great, as well. I've been surprised with coffee and donuts thus far ... they definitely know how to take care of me."

The most positive takeaway so far for Keveon? "It comes from just knowing that every day that I come to work will not be the same as it was before," he said. "Every day brings something new." He's kept one thing consistent, though: each day, Keveon leads his students in affirmations guided by empowering words, chanting phrases like "I am epic" and "I am unbreakable."

When it comes to tips for new or prospective subs, Keveon's best advice is to jump right in: "Don't be nervous!" he said. "At the end of the day, kids are kids. They're going to want to have fun. If you are able to create that relationship with them, on the first few days, maybe a week, then I'm sure they would definitely respond to any substitute that is going to come in. Jump right into it, have fun, and just make every day good for them."

Do you know someone who might be interested in substitute teaching at WDMCS? Find more information, along with current substitute openings, at discover.wdmcs.org/applytosub.

2022-23 Tiger Cubs Enrollment Process Opens Jan. 17, 2022

Are you ready for preschool? Tiger Cubs Preschool enrollment opens next Monday, Jan. 17! Request a 2022-23 Tiger Cubs spot for children turning 4 on or before Sept. 15.

Tiger Cubs is the WDMCS preschool program, funded through Statewide Voluntary Preschool, with no cost to families. Tiger Cubs provides opportunities for children to develop important learning skills. Tiger Cubs Preschools has 4-year-old programs at Clive Learning Academy, Crestview School of Inquiry, and Fairmeadows, Hillside, Jordan Creek, Western Hills, and Westridge elementary schools, as well as the Learning Resource Center. Tiger Cubs Preschool includes special education students ages 3-5.

Learn more at discover.wdmcs.org/tiger-cubs-enrollment.

A virtual Tiger Cubs Preschool option may be available in 2022-23 based on interest from families. Families can mark their interest in the Infinite Campus online enrollment form.

Introducing WDMCS Career Pathways

Career Pathways are a new tool to guide West Des Moines Community Schools students as they launch their futures. Students can explore pathway courses, related activities, and more in multiple pathways — all based on potential careers.

To learn more about Career Pathways:

5 Tips from Employee & Family Resources for a Fresh Start

Take5 Fresh Start

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