Ralph Vaughan Williams

By Kylie Reeves


Date- October 12 1872
Country- The vicarage, in down Ampney

2 facts about Ralph's childhood/family

-He was the 3rd child of Arthur and Margaret V. Williams
-His father died suddenly in early 1875 when Ralph was only 2 years old.

Worked for?

Ralph worked as an vicar at All Saints Church, down Ampney and also a composer.

3 interesting facts

- On october 9th, Ralph married his first wife Adeline Fisher.
- In 1942, he joined the army serving throughout the first world war in France at the age of 42.
- In 1953, he re-married to Ursula Wood.

Some of his most famous pieces of music composed?

-The opera, Sir John In Love
-A sea symphony
-A London symphony
-Symphony No. 4

Ralph's Death?

Ralph V. Williams died of old age at the age of 85. He died on August 26, 1958.

I Think...

I think that Ralph V. Williams is still listened to, famous and talked about because he was one of the most famous English composers and he composed so many different pieces of music and operas.