Celebrating 13 years

My 13th Birthday

Why was this special?

My thirteenth Birthday party was special, because I was the last one in my groups to become a teenager. I had the company of my friends, and family. I had so much fun, laughing, and being enjoying the day with the people I love most.

Who attended?

I shared this special experience with:

Chelsea Skuza

Taylor Ward

Kelly O'Halloran

Tabatha Gallaway

Alice Stewart

Megan Willis

My mum,



cousins, and


What did we do?

My close friends and I went to Eastern Beach one summer evening. We walked from the pier, to steampcket gardens, and jumped on the trampolines before walking through the markets back to the beach. We ran, giggling and excited to the swimming enclosure, where I got pushed in by a stranger. We then went and jumped of the tower time, and time again. The lot of us then went onto the grass and played games, enjoyed a barbecue, which my family also attended, and ate the cake I had made.

What next?

We had run out of time, but before the parents arrived, we raced up the hill with some cardboard and slid down. Most of the girls went home, except for my three closest friends, Chelsea, Taylor and Kelly. The four of us went over to the ferris wheel, and jumped in a cart together. It was dark, and the town looked amazing. We went back to my house, we were in for a late night, fun and games.

And the morning?

In the morning, it was a warm day, so we put out the sprinkler, and ran around with my puppy. We called up the parents and asked to pick them up from Kardinia Pool. One of the girls, Kelly, had to leave, so Chelsea, Taylor and I went down to Kardinia Pool, little did we know we would meet Taylors family down there. We flipped, and dived, ran and swum. It was the best birthday I have had, and I will remember it for a long time.