What type of learning to become a welder.

To become a welder the correct way to really learn how to weld is to go to a trade school. Tulsa Welding School, is a great and also number one trade welding school to go to. To most experience welders who have gone to a trade school will also tell you not to. The greatest way to learn how to weld is by getting into a welding job and experiencing how to weld hands on.

Average pay wage.

It depends on exactly what your doing. Pipeline, working on tanks, mig, tig, stick, yard work, single hand, and self owned company also know as contract welders are some of the different jobs you can do as a welder. Single hand workers could get payed to minimum wage all the way to about 30 an hour. It just depends what company your working for. Let's say you work as a contract welder you can make up to 50 an hour and 20 your truck, or even all the way up to 100 an hour in a great job. Yearly wage is just about $200,000.00 - $400,000.00 if contracted.


As a welder you will be responsible for having the correct amount of cable needed for the job, what size of rod to use, not having drooping welding, having all the correct gear, such as helmet, rods, FP jeans, FP jeans and correct gloves, and keeping your welder 100% everyday u go to work. Also they have to be responsible for filling the gab without having little dots in it, and making sure your helper is doing everything you say and not doing anything to hurt you in any way.

Where is the work

Just about anywhere is great because they have pipelines running through town to town throughout the whole world. It is great to work where the oil is high. More oil more welding jobs.
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Pipeline Welding (Mainline)