Ellis Elementary ART!

Art News from our Colorful Class!

Blue Willow China

Learn the story of the Blue Willow plate! First graders are <3 ing this tale and have watched several versions of it on youtube. They will be designing blue patterned vase that tells a story! Here is one version of the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VwAYc7dsUE


Our school is a member of Artsonia.com, an online art museum. Artsonia manages school art galleries in a safe and educational manner, developing students' pride and self-esteem while involving parents and relatives in their education. Your permission is needed for your child's artwork to be featured. Look for Ellis Elementary!

What is a Fauve?

Fauve= Wild Beasts * * * * * * Henri Matisse was a Fauve

Woman in a Purple Coat, 1937

Henri Matisse (1869-1964) was the leader of the Fauves, or wild beasts, a group of artists known for their wild colors!

A famous Matisse quote: "Creativity takes courage"

Plowing through the Year

There are 3 main ways to draw. For this art project, 4th graders drew from OBSERVATION, looking closely at photos/illustration of snowplows, from their MEMORIES of playing in the snow, and from their IMAGINATIONS!

Jr. Duck Stamp artworks---5th and 3rd grades

Piet Mondrian * * * * Broadway Boogie Woogie

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First Grade Mondrian Study

Some 1st graders questioned why this artist was famous, but after arranging the tape horizontally and vertically on their paper and painting with primary colors, they were excited about this artist!! They enjoyed listening to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" too!

The Block by Romare Bearden

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Cityscapes by 3rd graders

Inspired by Romare Bearden, 3rd graders designed and printed buildings with cardboard pieces and black paint. Can you find the multiplication arrays in their artwork? These buildings will be cut out and collaged, in the style of Bearden, to form their own original CITYSCAPES!

Missouri Symbols in 3D

4th graders could choose a bluebird, three toed box turtle, bullfrog, honeybee, catfish, paddlefish, or crawdad to create in 3D, using the paper mache technique. First they taped together newspaper wads, folded and rolled sections to form their state symbol. Now they are layering with strips of newspaper dipped into art paste. Some students compare the paste to SLIME, others say it is like hand sanitizer or soap, but everyone agrees that it is messy and FUN!

Happy Spring Break~Happy Easter!