April Wrap Up

Capitol Charms Month Review

April in Review... Bring on May!

April was a solid month for our team with with a majority of our sales happening in the last few days of the month. You all definitely kept it thrilling to the very end!!

May is a big month for all of us. Not only are people feeling like shopping for Spring, we are feeling excited about making a little extra income for our own Summer plans! I’ve heard from most of you about your goals and will be here to push you along. How great would it feel to reach your goal this month! Own your goal and don’t let anything stand in your way.


Here is our next challenge!

Hand out 10 mini look books over the next 10 days! (That is 1 a day) For every person that you are able to get contact info from (email, phone, business card) you will get an entry for a $50 store gift card. For every sale generated from this activity you will get 2 additional entries. Have fun with this. Getting out and meeting people is how we grow our business. Take that 20 seconds of courage and turn it into income (and a reward). I heard a fantastic tip tonight from an Associate Director who places a yellow post it on every mini, so she can write down the customer's info to get an email and an address to send a large look book to. GENIUS! Be sure to enter your leads as "customers" in the lounge and email me that you have done so.

Booking Shows at Shows

What is better than booking a show at a show? It increases your dollars per hour and saves SO much time. Have you figured out your method for booking at shows? Here are some tips that have worked for me and many others. We aren't planning a wedding just getting a few ladies together to shop smarter and cuter!

1) Causally say to someone looking at something outside of their budget or too many items “we can get you that for free at your show” or “hold your own show and get that for free” or “get your favorites today and the rest for free at your show” and WALK AWAY. Do this a few times and by the time you are at check-out they have already thought about doing a show.

2) Bring a calendar with your open dates and a little prize underneath (ie: free shipping at your show, $15 off your order today). Use this as a visual tool at check out.

3) Follow up with guests via email or phone call and ask if they want to host!

Welcome New Stylists

Welcome Melissa Sacknoff who joined in April. Congratulations to Melissa for building her team by one and bringing Mary Ahlijanian to the team! We also welcomed Kristen Hutchison in March. Welcome ladies, I can't wait to work with you all!

Congratulations to these ladies who QUALIFIED IN APRIL!

April Contest Update

While we sold a lot as a team, we didn't have a stylist meet the goal of $2,000 to win a "bring It". How did I get there? I booked and held 5 trunk shows for the month. I attempted to get 2 orders before the show, have at least 10 people at the show, and then place 1 or 2 follow up orders. Get your hostess excited and the rest will fall in to place!

Ashley Ayres, Independent Senior Stylist with Stella & Dot