A Child Called "It"

By: Kenzie K

Main Character

The main character in my story is David Pelzer. David


  • This story takes place in Daly City in Calafornia
  • This was in the mid 60's and 70's
  • David is nine years old
  • David got beaten by his mother
  • His mother was an alcoholic

Rising Action

  • Davids mother starts to single out him
  • Davids mother starts to punish him for things he didn't do


  • Davids mother makes him sit on a gas stove
  • When Davids mother makes him sit on the gas stove he realized that that was the turning point of his life
  • According to Dave Pelzer I realized I can manipulate and he can win


  • A police officer takes David away from his mother
  • The school nurse starts to take care of David's wounds and gives him food