Yellowstone packing plans

by Austin Phelps

Transportation to Yellowstone

Today I am going to tell you what to pack when we go to Yellowstone National Park. First we need to research what we need to take to get there, and it just so happens that I have done some research and it takes a plane to get there. We will take the 11:00am flight and land in Jackson, Wyoming at 4:45pm then take a rental car to Yellowstone

What to Pack for Yellowstone

I suggest that you pack some jeans and t-shirts and a sweatshirt just in case that you go up to a higher place. I also suggest that you take some snacks, a pocket knife in case, extra pairs of shoes, extra clothes, and extra socks we are staying there for two weeks.

How We Will Get Back

First w will take our rental car back to the airport then we hop on the 12:45 pm flight from the Jackson Hole Airport and land in the DFW airport ad then grab my car and we will head home.

What We Will See At Yellowstone

Some animals we might see at Yellowstone are gray wolves, weasels, ground squirrels, foxes, and black bears