What Makes Me Tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/Emotional Intelligence

Shelby Armstrong: 2nd Period

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My Personality

Over all I think I have a very friendly, kind, loving, and caring personality. I always put other peoples needs before my own. When I look at my little sister and think about something she wants and something I want, I would rather her have it than me. When I see someone upset it mentally puts me in a worse mood because I hate to see someone else hurting or struggling. I always try my best to put everyone in a better mood because when others around me are happy it makes me happy. I love to help people through tough times and tough decisions. I give great advice but I have a hard time taking my own advice sometimes. I know in my head what is the right thing to do but for some reason I struggle making the best decision at times.

I am a very positive person. I always try to think of bad situations in a better way. I remind myself constantly that everything happens for a reason. I know things will more than likely get worse before they get better. I am also a positive person when it comes to pushing someone on to success but I have a hard time doing it myself when nobody is there to push me along the way. I often depend on other people to push and motivate me but I am constantly motivating other people in a positive way. I have an easier time pushing other people than I do pushing myself.

I have a very emotional personality when it comes to handling a tough situation. When something or someone is bothering me I try to hide it but everyone can tell. I get very emotional when I feel like I have no control over a situation. The more control I have, the better I feel. I cry very easily when I am angry. I cry more when I am angry than when I am sad. When I am angry I say things that I don’t mean and afterward I look back and feel very bad and apologize. I wish my anger did not control what I say and wish I would think more before I lash out on someone. I have an easier time yelling at my mom than my friends. I think it is because I know my mom wont leave me but my friends could easily turn their backs on me.

My Emotions

I am pretty much an open book when it comes to what I am feeling. I usually try to make it easy for other people to know what I am feeling because I want them to know how they should act around me. When I am upset I usually just don’t talk much and try to only talk to people that won’t upset me more. When I am happy I am more open to talking to people that I dont usually talk to and don’t really know. I also talk and participate a lot more in class when I am in a good mood rather than when I am in a bad or upset mood. I don’t like to show anger or irritation in front of people at school or in public places.

It takes a lot to put me down because I know that most of the time it is not even worth stressing out over the situation. I also know if someone is purposely putting me down they are just doing it to get under my skin and I don’t want to give them what they want. I try to stay calm and collective in situations that irritate me. When I don’t say what I feel it usually bothers me and I just hold it in. When me and my mom argue I have a tendency to let it all out on her even though she had nothing to do with what is actually bothering me and I have to explain that to her.

My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

I enjoy having a strong relationship with people. I enjoy being able to have someone to talk to about what I am feeling or how I should handle a situation and if I reacted the right way. Me and my mom have a very strong and trusting relationship. I tell my mom everything that happens and what goes on at school and things that are bothering me. My mom has taught me the importance of a relationship with the right people and how to build good relationships with other people. If it were not for my mother I would not be as emotional and social intelligent as I am now.

My way to regulate my emotions is to step back from the situation and calm down before me and the other person just make the situation even worse. When I am in the spur of the moment I stay calm and quiet as long as I can then eventually just explode and I usually say things I don’t mean then regret it afterward. I usually apologize after if I truly understand that I am the wrong one and often if I am just trying to be the bigger person. I hate conflict between me and another person, I try to do everything I can to make things okay even when I know I probably can’t fix the situation.

When a situation is out of my control it freaks me out and I panic. I try to not let it stress me out because I can’t change anything but at the same time I panic because I can’t change the outcome. When I stress everyone around me knows because I just shut down and don’t like talking about it to anyone. I am very good at giving advice and helping other people but when it comes to my own situations I struggle to take my own advice and do the right thing that is best for the situation. I think if I continue to increase my emotional and social intelligence I will become better at dealing with my own problems and not just other people.

The Importance of Understanding Myself My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

At the beginning of this lesson I honestly did not think that I had anything left to learn about myself and that I was already very emotionally and socially intelligent. When we started getting toward the part where we were going to skype Mr.McKendrick I realized that this could actually affect my future and how well I will work with others in a workplace. Working together is a major part of being able to be successful and it is a great trait to have in the adult world. The more you learn and know about social and emotional intelligence the more you will better understand how to handle certain people and situations. You will also be able to regulate your own emotions in a tense or stressed out situation so that your emotions will not get the best of you.

Understanding your own emotions is the first step to being socially and emotionally intelligent. If you don’t even understand why you feel certain ways toward certain people or situations you are going to struggle knowing other people's emotions toward yourself. This is important because you need to know when someone is not happy with you so you can try to fix the situation and not make it worse. It is also important to know what type of relationship you have with that person to know when is the right and wrong time to say certain things. You should always be aware of others emotions because it is crucial to being successful.