Xiaoxiao Yan

Videos and Photos for Organizations and Academic Institutes


Xiaoxiao Yan, trilingual in English, Chinese and French, is professional in video making and marketing for organizations and academic institutes.


I. Video for Chinese-related community events

Xiaoxiao Yan worked at the online student TV network BrockTV for more than two years. She has created a variety of videos on the community events taking place in the Niagara region.
Chinese New Years Gala Performance (Community Event)
Brock TV-chinese bridge (Student Event, 2012)

II. Video and Photos for Brock University's ESL Programme

This series of promotional videos has been used by Brock University for presentations worldwide.

Xiaoxiao Yan is the producer, cinematographer and editor for this series of videos.

Xiaoxiao Yan is also the photographer for Brock University's international year book and brochures.

Brock Recruiting Video

III. Other related Videos for Event Coverage

Xiaoxiao Yan has been working as a Freelance Videograher for two years. She covered community and academic events, created fashion shows, cooking shows and talk shows on various subjects.
Chindai Event Coverage
Forum Citoyen 2013 (event coverage)