Animal Training

By: Elizabeth Simon & Jordan Newman


Requirements to be an animal trainer at SeaWorld:

Must be able to work and gain relationships with different types of animals

Must have physical and strength abilities

Must be able to answer questions on tours and for people

Must be able to perform and speak in front of large audiences


An education is not required, but preferred. Some sort of college coursework in marine biology or related areas is beneficial.


A regular animal trainer would make on average $30,000 a year

Being an animal trainer at SeaWorld, you would make on average $60,000-$70,000 a year


Hands on interaction with animals

Potential for bonding with your animal

A fun and never boring work environment


Hard, long physical hours

Constant smell of fish

Chlorinated, matted hair

Why it's important?

Tourism plays a big deal in people's lives and without animal trainers, there would not be SeaWorld's located around the nation leading to a decrease in tourism sights. Also they need people to maintain and control these animals.

(Above) Trainer swimming with a bottlenose dolphin in her wetsuit

Goes into detail on becoming an animal trainer at SeaWorld

Explains the philosophy and what they stand for being an animal trainer at SeaWorld