Rosa Parks

By:Deveigh Marshall


Have you ever wonderd what other details their are about Rosa Parks? Well today is that day were you will learn everything about her and were she grew up and who she grew up with and what happend on the bus, and her death and funeral.

Rosa's Childhood

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 and was born in Tuskegee Alabama.She was very young when she was taught how to read by her mother at age 11.At the age 16 Rosa dropped out of school to take care of her mother ''Rose Edwards'' because she became ill.Since then she had to live om a farm.Finally she got married to Raymond Parks in 1932.

The boycott bus

What Happend on the bus

It all started with the Martin Luther King ''I have a dream speech''.Did you know that Rosa attended that, well a while after it was just another day after work on December 1,1955 '' intresting fact all of this happend on my birthday.So instead of Rosa walking like other black people she decided to ride the bus on Clevand Aveune around 6pm.She was sitting were she was supposed to be with 3 other black people until 3 other white people came on the bus and had to stand because their was no other seats available.So the bus driver ''Blake told them to move'' and Rosa's exact words were no i have been at work all day and i am tired.

Rosa's arrest

Since she would not move the bus driver ''Blake'' said we are going to have to arrest you ma'am.Rosa said you may do that. Many people think that Rosa was tired well she wasn't,well she was but the real sentence is she was just tired of giving in.About 15 minutes later she got arrested her arrest number was ''7053''.

Her death and funeral

Rosa died October 24,2005, she died at the age 92 but only because of natrual causes.Many people attended her funeral, but for her memories she had a memorial highway.A few days later her coffin was flown to Montgomery, and for all of this happing she will always be remembered as Rosa Parks.
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My Conclusion

I have choose to wright about Rosa Parks because she is a very good role model to everyone and so since she was inspired by Martin Luther King people were inspired by her