Michael Jordan

Mohit Maguluri

"I missed more than 9000 shots in my career. 26 times I was trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed"

What was the person involved in that made them a leader?

Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player who played for Chicago Bulls in NBA. Michael Jordan also known as MJ has achieved a lot in his basketball career. He is acclaimed to be the best player to ever play basketball. He reestablished the fame of basketball and its importance in the sports in the 90s. Michael Jordan has lead the the Chicago Bulls to 6 championships in his tenure of 8 years. Some features that made Michael Jordan a leader was inspiration and motivation to his teammates and fans. Many elite players in today's NBA such as Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Russel Westbrook all expressed MJ as their role models. MJ is not just known for winning championships, but for leading his team to victory.

What actions did the individual take to show leadership?

Michael Jordan was always a great leader during his tenure in NBA. Many times he carried the Bulls to victory, but one year that stood out than the rest was 1996-1997. In this year, Michael Jordan lead the bulls to finals and were facing the Utah Jazz. During that finals Michael Jordan was sidelined due to illness and flu but still resisted and played through the finals carrying his team to another championship. MJ was someone many teammates, fans, and even rival players wanted to be like. Michael Jordan didn't just tell his teammates how to win but he showed them. Many people even say Scottie Pippen is the creation of Michael Jordan who was MJ's best buddy and a teammate. Today many players who have played along with Michael Jordan in the 90's are today inducted into Basketball Hall Of Fame.

What 3 leadership traits did they apply?

Nelson Mandela established 8 leadership traits. In those traits, I feel the the 3 traits that follow Michael Jordan were, "Keep your friends close and your rivals closer", "Lead from back and let others believe they are in front", and "Appearance matters"

"Keep your friends close and your rivals closer"

This trait applies to Michael Jordan because MJ is known for playing mind games with his opponents and getting into their psyche. Although MJ was hated by many rivals, one rival after retirement has explained how MJ had a party with an enemy team and went on talking about "how are you going to beat a guy who just had a greatest time with last nights" This was just one example where MJ manipulated his enemies to a pothole.

"Lead from the back and let other believe they are in front"

Michael Jordan played a huge role in the bulls franchise, as he carried his team to the "most wins in a season" many times. He was also known for making his teammates better. As I mentioned earlier MJ showed the team how to win instead of telling them how to. When MJ was on the court, he expeditiously developed his bad team mates to average mates and average mates into good mates. One player who Jordan developed into elite was Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen found much success playing along with Michael Jordan than not but was later developed the skill of individuality from the mentor ship of Jordan. Today Pippen is not only inducted into the Hall Of Fame but is widely known for the best defensive player of all time.

"Apperance matter"

Michael Jordan was well known for trash talking. Although this specific trait may not be big, the media still tends to make nothing into something big. Even though Michael Jordan did have good reputation with the public and the media, he was still anxious and was always tend to be careful that something such as his words might hurt his reputation himself and public. MJ was very secretive on such things that would his reputation and knew nothing would be over with the media. For example, a teams scout told how Jordan influenced the general managers of the bulls to fire a certain coach where Jordan felt he didn't and wasn't going to fit in this type of team and its identity. Although this news wasn't released during his NBA tenure it still made slight impact to his reputation. If this news was revealed during his prime, it would've made a heck of an impact on this reputation.
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