The Disney Effect

By Lewis Acosta

Movies translating to theme parks

The star wars launch bay is an example of movie to theme park. The attraction shows off many of the star wars characters and concept arts from the movies. There is also certain areas where you can meet some of the special characters. A theater where families can get behind the scenes info. There is also a Cantina where families can be immersed to where they feel they are in the movie.
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The design of the launch bay is to replicate a star wars vibe. It also allows children to interact with the characters. Families can also enjoy galleries of different scenes. This shows Disney's way to keep crowds satisfied with new content. Disney loves to keep adding to there growing parks to have something for some one to enjoy.
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The characters are there to show immersion. Life size mannequins and intractable characters. The characters also bring life to the area. Without the life size versions of the characters it would be quite bland. This shows how Disney takes another step forward to appeal even more to their customers.
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