Board Report

May: Hillsdale Area Career Center

Student Enrollment Update: 2020-2021

Big picture

COVID Learning Plans

All programs submitted an 8 week plan for teaching and learning. Below is the Health Science 1 plan. Click on the link to access all programs.

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HACC Career Counselor

Job Description Development

After meeting with Superintendents, I was tasked with gathering information from various groups to determine what this position would look like based on the needs of the different groups. Follow the link to see the document.

HACC Works In Progress

Education Program

  • Working with Colleen @ Will Carleton to transition the current Pre-teacher Academy to a CTE program that works for students.

HACC Fall Schedule

COVID Impact

  • HACC will rely on county Superintendents to develop their return plans in order to develop a CTE plan that works with the LEA plans.
  • We anticipate LEAs developing a common plan to make planning for CTE easier.
  • Depending of budget cuts to LEAs, we could see an increase in enrollment in CTE programs. If this occurs, HACC will be ready to help accommodate this increase by developing creative scheduling.

Health Science 2

Possible EMT option

  • We have been working this year to find a solution to the high enrollment in our Health Science program.
  • Health Science programs around the state, typically have 2 or more teachers to accommodate different pathways.
  • It would not be fiscally responsible to hire another Health Science teacher at this time.
  • We have been meeting with Reading Emergency to offer our HS 2 students, EMT training their first semester. We are waiting to get estimated costs to offer this programming. I have asked for different pricing models: 1. Reading Emergency providing all curricular materials, uniforms off site. 2. HACC purchasing curricular materials and Reading Emergency providing an instructor and a modified uniform to complement the scrubs the students purchase for CNA. 3. Hybrid model: HACC provides CPR training portion of the curriculum and Reading Emergency provides the remainder of instruction.
  • All models can be taught: All online, Hybrid or all In person.
  • Not all students will be able to go through EMT training. That criteria will be a collaborative effort between HACC and LEAs. Attendance will be one of those factors.
  • If students are not participating in EMT training, they will be involved in a WBL experience and will begin working on CNA skills training.