June 19, 2019


We hope that you are enjoying the first weeks of summer vacay with your children. We are already hard at work getting ready for the upcoming school year as well as running our summer activities.

The school office is open for business thru July 26th from 8AM until 6:00PM.

From July 26th until the first day of school, the office will be open from 8:30AM until 4PM Monday thru Thursday and 8:30 until 3PM on Friday.

The office is closed for business on July 4th.

Summer Camp and Summer School

Summer Camp for all ages IS IN SESSION. There still is space in some grade levels in camp. There is a program for Preschool age students and a program for elementary age students. Registration is taken every day. Please call the office at 305 893 0851 for more information.

Summer Academic program will begin TOMORROW, June 24th. This program is four weeks, four days per week. If your child is required to attend, you must register your child unless other arrangements have been approved.

Summer School Parents... please note that summer school is from 8:30AM until 2PM, Monday thru Thursday. There is no summer school on Friday. Students can be enrolled in both summer camp and summer school. In this case, the students are escorted to summer camp at 2PM Monday thru Thursday and may attend all day on Friday. They are not dismissed from summer school to attend field trips. We do not charge you for the summer camp during the four weeks of summer school, you do need to pay the registration fee.

Summer camp hours are from 9AM until 4PM with early drop off and after care available for a nominal fee.

Uniform Information - SUMMER SALE HERE ON TUESDAY, JUNE 25

We will again be using Ibiley School Uniform.

The only change in the dress code is that next year, the yellow shirt and Khaki bottoms have been phased out. We did give you all 2 years to get all of the wear out of them that you could.

Next year, ONLY NAVY SHORTS, PANTS OR SKORTS and our school plaid jumper and skort from Ibiley can be worN with appropriate shirts. YELLOW SHIRTS AND ISLAND SHIRTS can no longer be worn. Only white, navy, red and pink polos can be worn.

Students must wear athletic shoes and socks in white, navy or black. There may be a logo as long as this color scheme is adhered to.

The MOBILE UNIFORM STORE will be here on TUESDAY, JUNE 25TH. I believe that the time is 11AM until 7PM but I will verify this and send a text alert.

We have been assured that our parents do not experience the same difficulties that they did last year.

Final Report cards / MAP scores / 8th Grade Diplomas

Materials will be available for pick up in the school office beginning TOMORROW Monday, June 24th. please come by the school office at any time from 8AM to 6PM to pick up your child's records.

Kindly insure that your account is up to date to avoid any delay in receiving records.

If you do not pick up records by July 1st, we will mail them to you but we would prefer that you stop by please. We'd love to say hello as well.

Graduates and Departing Students

If your child has graduated from our 8th grade or is not registered for next year, you will be removed from our email list after the 1st of July and you will no longer receive text alerts or email from Holy Cross.

If you are planning to register your child but haven't taken care of this yet, please do this soon so that you do not miss out on important information.

For those of you who will not be returning to Holy Cross next year, we wish your child the best of luck in their new school and we hope that you take many fond memories of Holy Cross with you. We will miss you! We love our students when they are with us and when they are not. Once a Crusader, always a Crusader.

Registration for the next year will begin on March 1st and if your life leads you back to Holy Cross, we would love to see you.


All of the forms are included in a PDF file at the end of this newsletter, are available for pickup in the office and will also be emailed to you.

If you have questions, please ask. In the past we have listed specific books that the children should read, but parents seemed to have difficulty finding them sometimes and we also want kids to read what they like. So, please use the guidelines given to help your child select summer reading books.

I have also included a hyperlink to for a great website for summer reading suggestions. The librarian at the public library will be very helpful in picking out appropriate books.

For 8th and up

Parents, please sign the reading log only when you can confirm that your child has actually finished reading the books. Let's be fair as we are going to award prizes to the top readers in each grade level. These should come back to school during the first week.

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Class placement

Before you ask, kindly read this.

A great deal of thought goes into placing children in classes each year. The process is time-consuming, as teachers focus on each child’s needs. Every effort is made to place each child in a learning environment where they will be the most successful. This learning environment incorporates several factors. This procedure goes in great detail to inform parents of the placement procedures and addresses parent’s questions regarding the procedures.

How are the children placed in classes when there are two sections of a grade level? At the end of the school year, current teachers of the students involved reflect on the students in their classes. They think about several qualities, such as academic skills, learning styles, social skills, talents, and challenges. They make notes about many things they have learned about their students during the year. Teachers must make sure that each new class has:

  • A balance of boys and girls

  • A balance of academic ability and personalities

  • Socially balanced groups to reduce peer conflicts

Throughout this process, changes and adjustments may be made – i.e. new students enrolling in during the summer or someone withdrawing. Each time a change is made, it can cause a chain reaction of other changes. Because of all of the factors mentioned above, the final decision on student assignments rests with the Principal and Assistant Principal.

When will I know my child’s placement?

Parents learn of their child’s placement when they receive a card in the mail, about two weeks before the first day of school.

Can I request a particular teacher for my child either in writing or through discussion with my child’s present teacher? Requests for a particular teacher are generally not accepted. If a parent believes that there is an unusual need to express, a written letter about the special situation may be considered but there is no guarantee offered. Teachers and the Principal know their colleagues well and make sound professional judgments about trying to match teaching and learning styles between teachers and students. As stated earlier, parents may have reasons for their child to be in a particular class, but may not realize that the school must look at multiple factors regarding classroom placement.

What about requesting my child’s placement with another child in the classroom? Or, can I request my child NOT be placed with another particular child? We try to make sure every child has support from other children in class placements but we do not make class placements based on "best friend" status. We also find young children change “best” friendships often, as parents well know.

If your child is having repeated difficulties with another child, you will need to inform the teacher and principal so problem-solving can take place. This is the aspect of the school experience where we all learn to function socially with all kinds of people. In the process we outlined above, we do try to separate the most non-constructive relationships, as best we can. In the case of siblings or close family members, we typically defer to the parents to decide if it is better for the students to be together or separated.

Do teachers request certain student placements into their classes? No. Teachers are concerned about their class balance. Teachers want their colleagues to have successful years with their students and parents. Teachers are expected to be able to meet the needs of a variety of students and adapt to changes from year to year just as the students do.

We really like the teacher one of our children had. Now our other child will be entering that grade. Can we assume our second child will get that teacher?

Not necessarily. Our main focus is to create two well-balanced classes. Also, when a teacher changes grade levels, sometimes that teacher takes some or all of their students on to the next grade. Just as we expect all of our children to adapt to changes from grade to grade, we expect all of our teachers and parents to adapt to changes from grade to grade as well. New relationships are constructive and help us grow.

When I get my child’s class assignment, can I request that it be changed? No, you may not request a change but you may talk to the principal about your concerns and be assured that those concerns will be shared with the teacher so your child’s anxieties will be addressed. Teachers are expected to have the skills to help children adjust.

Very rarely the school will initiate a change for a specific reason, but this hardly ever happens because it can cause a chain reaction within the class balance that would be unfair to many students within the group. While we feel we consider the individual child during the placement process, parents must realize that their child is part of a complex equation in school placements.

What if my child is having difficulty in his/her new placement after school has started? We will do everything we can to resolve the problem. Parents need to talk to the teacher immediately, so the child’s needs can be addressed. Teachers, just as much as parents, want their students to be content and productive in school. Children can only do this if they feel comfortable and accepted. Tell us the concern, and we will try to work it out together.

Registration for 2019-20 in case you haven't done this.

Parents ask when the deadline in. The deadline is when the class is full. 4 grades are already full. If you have not registered your child for next year, now is the time.

Here is the link to Re-Enrollment information.


You can also pick up a printed copy of the registration information in the school office.

You must register through your renweb account.

Don't forget about our Finder's Fee Program.

Background check authorization

Below is the link. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It is valid for 12 months. You must complete this in ample time to chaperone a field trip

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