Family Play Day


Our special day is approaching!

We have the pleasure of inviting you and your babies and children to join us for this celebration of the English language! Many thanks to all those who helped make our last event such a huge success. We look forward to seeing you all again. We also look forward to seeing some new faces!

This event is aimed at:

- Speakers of English, native or otherwise.

- Families interested in learning English together.

- Anyone on maternity leave and hoping to escape the tedium at home without leaving baby behind.

- Anyone who agrees that language learning begins in the womb

- Parents who wants to practice English conversation in an authentic, natural setting.

- Anyone who wants to cross cultural boundaries and make new friends!

Dia de Brincar com Família em Inglês 9:00 - 13:00

Saturday, July 19th, 9am-1pm

Museu For the Children. Endereço: Rua do Mangalô, s/nº – Colina A, – CEP: 41680-380. Bairro: Patamares

On the same street as the Colégio Anglo-Brasileiro.

Ponto de referencia: na mesma rua do Colégio Anglo-Brasileiro.


Child R$30 OR "Passport" R$250 for 15 visits.

Adults & babies under 1 year FREE!

Crianças R$30 OU "Passaporte" R$250

Adultos e bebe até 1 ano DE GRAÇA!