The Technical Side of Digital Cit.

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What You Need to Know!

This club is based around the technical side of safety on the Internet. We want to focus on educating people on how to avoid malware and other things bad people on the internet may do.


Too many people underestimate the power of just clicking a link. By just doing this simple thing, it can destroy your computer. If someone were to get malware on their computer, many bad things can happen. People can steal credit card information, passwords, and can even control your computer remotely. Our goal is to stop bad people from doing these things

Some Great Benefits of Joining.

Get Educated!

By participating in this program you will learn about a different side of digital citizenship, the more technical one. This will help you make more educated and smarter decisions online.

Any Questions.....

If you have any questions, concerns, or you just want information on the program, you can call the number below or email me.