2017-2018 EOC STAAR

Test Admin Training and Resources

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New for 2018

Removal of Test Booklet Seals

Beginning in spring 2018, test booklets for the Texas Assessment Program will no longer include seals. For test booklets that contain more than one subject (e.g., mathematics and reading), there will be additional indicators (e.g., large stop signs) in the test booklets so that the students do not continue into the next subject-area test.

Testing Environment

It is not necessary to conceal or remove instructional or reference materials in the testing area, the classrooms, or hallways. An instructional environment should be maintained during testing windows.

  • pg. 29 gives specific content materials that should not be up

Contaminated Documents

  • Securely transcribe to a clean document if possible.
  • It is NOT NECESSARY to keep or return contaminated documents.
  • Let CTC know immediately.
  • Note the bar code information for test booklets or answer documents.
  • Securely DESTROY the contaminated document.
  • Notify the assessment office of the destroyed documents.

Test Security & Confidentiality

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Best STAAR Testing Training Video Ever


Security Oaths

All teachers administering a STAAR test must attend training and read their Test Administrator manual.

After completing the district training, test administers are required to initial and sign their test administer oath before receiving any secure materials.

Click here for 2018 Security Updates.

Test Security Manual 2018

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Cell Phone Policy/Electronic Devices

TEA requires all districts to have a Cell Phone Policy/Electronic Device for testing. Abernathy ISD requires students to turn off the cell phones and remove any watch that has internet access and turn them in to the teacher for storage until they leave the testing room. No cell phones or other electronic devices may be used during testing for any reason by students or teachers.

Teachers should not have cell phones/electronic devices in their possession during the test administration. All teacher cell phones/electronic devices should be turned off and left in a secure area. Teachers should not use their cell phones at any time during the test administration.

Ensure Proper Testing Procedures

  • Test administrators must actively monitor the testing room while students are working.
  • Test administrators should confirm that students are working only on the subject-area assessment being administered that day, verify that students have access only to allowable materials, and ensure that students are marking their responses on the correct section of the answer document.
  • Students are not allowed to return to a subject-area assessment attempted on a previous test day or to work on a subject-area assessment that has not yet been administered.
  • Test administrators may not view or discuss individual test questions or responses unless specifically directed to by the test procedures.
  • Students participating in paper administrations must mark their answers on an answer document within the allotted time with a No. 2 pencil. Answers marked in a test booklet will not be scored.
  • Test administrators must regularly remind students participating in paper administrations to record their responses on their answer documents.
  • Students will not be allowed to record their responses on their answer documents after the time limit has expired.
  • For paper administrations of STAAR, test administrators are not allowed to require students to mark their answers in the test booklet before transferring them to the answer document.
  • Only students are allowed to erase their stray marks or darken answer-choice circles on their answer documents, and only during the scheduled test session.
  • Reinforcing, reviewing for, or distributing testing strategies during an assessment is strictly prohibited.
  • Test administrators must alert students periodically of the time remaining in the test session. Students who have not completed their tests within the allotted time limit must submit what they have completed.
  • Students must remain seated during testing except when they are receiving or returning authorized test materials.
  • Students are not allowed to talk to one another while testing is in progress.
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Time Limits

STAAR English I EOC and English II EOC have a five (5) hour time limit. All answers must be recorded on the student answer document by the end of the five hour time limit in order to be used for grading.

STAAR Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Biology EOC, and US History EOC have a four (4) hour time limit. All answers must be recorded on the student answer document by the end of the four hour time limit in order to be used for grading.

All test administrators must record the amount of time left for testing on the board by hours left. Once the time left is one (1) hour, the test administrator must record when 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes are left. (ex. 4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes)

The start and stop times must be recorded on the seating chart.

Breaks can be given to individual students as needed; however, the clock will not stop.


  • Pick up secure test materials in the library. They must remain in your care the entire time! Do not leave them unattended!
  • When students arrive to the testing room, have them place backpacks, purses, etc. at the front of the room. They cannot have them near while testing.
  • Take attendance and document on the roster. If anyone is absent, write the name on a sticky note and post it outside your door.
  • After taking attendance, have students surrender their beloved cell phones, apple watches, etc. (Have students turn in any type of watch just to be safe.) They need to be turned off and placed in an area away from the testers. Make sure they sign the “Electronic Devices Signature” page.
  • Distribute test materials. (student test tickets, pencils, erasers, scratch paper)
  • Test directions are on pages 58-65 in your manual. Make sure you read “word for word” the material printed in bold type.
  • Mr. Bearden, Mr. Pugh and I will be in the hallways. If a student is unable to login in please notify one of us immediately.
  • Complete the seating chart and the “Examinee Roster”. Be sure to document start and stop time on the seating chart and individually on the examinee roster. Also, remember to post the cell phone policy sign in the classroom and the “do not disturb” sign outside the door.
  • Students may “pause” their test for breaks. Students may go to the restroom one at a time and this should be documented on the restroom break form. When students return to their test, they will need to click “resume” to continue.
  • Students should raise their hands when they are ready to submit. When they come to the end of the test, the “Review/End” screen will show if they have answered all the questions. Remind them to look over this. To submit for final scoring, they will click the “End Test” button. Once a test has been submitted, it cannot be retrieved again.
  • When all students in your room have completed testing, return all materials including test tickets and used and unused scratch paper to the library.

Testing Dates

  • April 10 Grade 4 & 7 Writing, Grade 5 & 8 Math, English I EOC
  • April 11 Grade 5 & 8 Reading
  • April 12 - English II EOC
  • May 8 Biology EOC
  • May 9 Algebra 1 EOC
  • May 10 US History EOC
  • May 14 - Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 Math, 8th Science & 5th Math Retest
  • May 15 - Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 Reading, 8th Social Studies & 5th Reading Retest
  • May 16- Grade 5 Science & 8th Math Retest
  • May 17 - Grade 8 Reading Retest

Advice Not to Use

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