The Great Depression

1929-1940 By: Abby, Dawson, Grace, and Carson


The Great Depression is about the years 1929-1940. During this time the US was going through a major drought that kept farmers from growing crops and livestock. The plains of western Kansas, southeastern Colorado, the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, and northeastern New Mexico were constantly being hit by dust storms. Eventually people started to call it the Dust Bowl. Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Soil Conservation Service, which helped farmers collect income even though they couldn’t grow crops, and he created The Fireside Chat, which helped people overcome the dark time they were in. Still, A lot of people died because of diseases carried by the dust. In the end, The Great Depression was one of the worst parts of history for the US.

Personal stories

They said to keep your money in a safe bank not under your mattress. Everything came crashing down.People were unemployed. When America was made it had lots of immigrants they came here to have a better life. They worked hard to where they were and it was cut away from them. Franklin roosevelt who lead 4 terms and lead them through World War 2. People across america learned the real meaning of desperation and sacrifice. The great people showed great resilience.