First Grade News


Community Building


Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Epathy, Self Control

  • Social and emotional competencies along with academic competencies help children succeed in and out of school. This week we will maintain our focus and discussions on responsibility.

Responsibility Song


Word Work

  • Our work will consist of reviewing all letter sounds through listening to a sound and recording the corresponding letter and seeing a letter and saying its sound.
  • We will also have our first experience writing a dictated sentence.


  • We will read Night of the Veggie Monster, by George McClements. This is a mentor text that will help us explore craft moves in our writing such as; bold print, speech bubbles, ellipses, sound words and fancy print.


  • We are continuing to Investigate ways to figure out tricky words by adding strategies to our Reader's toolbox. When listening to your child, ask them about the strategies they are using.

~ Strategies ~

- Look at the picture

- Look for a part you know

- Think about the text

- Look through the whole word

- Check the beginning sound

W.I.N: What I Need

  • This week our WIN groups will begin to tackle high frequency words, bringing them to fluency. High frequency words are those words that we expect students to "just know". They are words that appear frequently in books and don't necessarily follow any spelling patterns. Words such as the, and, because, can, do, every, get, look, new, and put are examples of high frequency words.


Dominoes, Spinners and Dice.

  • This week's math will be very hands on as we explore different strategies to add and subtract numbers. Dominoes, spinners and dice are great tools to use. Not only are they fun and make learning game like, they can also provide a framework for students to practice their skills. Take the domino on the left for instance. Have you ever thought about all three parts of the domino? This domino has a 6, 4 and 10. Ask your child to write 4 equations to match this domino. This is one of many ways we can help children develop fact fluency.


SMC Students

The first graders are excited to be working with the St. Michaels College students again this week as they explore light and sound together.

Upcoming Events

  • Picture Retakes - Tuesday, Oct. 22

  • Green Mountain Sing, Friday, Nov. 15 from 7:55-8:20 (With a very special guest)
  • Montshire Museum Field Trip - Wednesday, Nov. 20 from 8:00 - 3:30
  • Thanksgiving Break - No School for Students, Nov. 25 - 29

Permission slips due by November 1, 2019.