Veterinary Radiologist

The World of Radiology

What type of work do people in this career perform?

People in this career perform x-rays and examine bones. They help other doctors diagnose and treat people's illness. By understanding when an imaging test might be needed to answer another doctor's questions about symptoms, diseases, injuries, or treatment they are very helpful to doctors. They also know which test is the best to perform in any situation and if there needs to be more than one test they know which order they should be done in.

What is the current salary for the career?

Radiologist earn a median salary of between 330,000 and 335,000 in their first year of practice, and averaged between 444,850 and 469,800 per year after 6 years.

What are the working conditions?

Radiologist spend a lot of time with other animals. The hospitals are usually clean, well-lightened, and pleasant work places. They have to be able to work well with other pets and animals and recognize bones.

What are the major job responsibilities?

Radiologist use x-rays , Ct scans, MRIs to diagnose and make treatment decisions regarding the patients health problems. They are fully licensed physicians and have to spend a lot of their time recognizing bones and looking at print outs and x-rays.

Is there a demand for this job in the future?

I think that there will always be a demand for more doctors and physicians to heal and help the sick and wounded. There are always going to be more and more patients in need for service. Which means there is going to be more and more doctors needed. With out doctors and vets the people and animals in this world wouldn't be able to get better and heal.

What type of education is needed for this career?

Since radiologist are fully-licensed doctors they have to undergo 11 years of education like a bachelors degree that is heavily weighted toward biology and physics, such as a premedical degree. After passing the Medical College Admission Test and being admitted radiologist have to complete 4 more years of medical school. After medical school radiologist have to complete a final medical licensing examination in the first year of their residency.