Preston Mansions Newsletter


Welcome to our first newsletter! It’s now over six months since the AGM and as directors of the Management Company we thought a newsletter would be a great way of keeping in touch and updating you on what’s been happening around the building. The block was built to a high standard and marketed as luxury apartments, so we’re endeavouring to maintain that standard to ensure the integrity of the building. Apart from the everyday overseeing and liaising with Ellmans, there have been several other issues including:


CCTV Cameras Fitted to the entrance, lobby and car park. Two vandals seen on camera in the car park have since been apprehended by the police.

A New Front Door Lock has been fitted and is working well.

The Dry Risers which were stolen have been replaced and fitted with special anti-theft bolts.

Damp Two residents reported the appearance of damp in their apartments. This necessitated the use of scaffolding to carry out the repairs. We apologise for any inconvenience if you were not advised prior to the scaffolding being erected.

Side Building possible subsidence Following a survey last year we are in the process of receiving quotes for repairs to the side of the building where the ground has dropped.

Outside walls – The white exterior of the building is suffering from green mould, possibly as a result of the bad weather we have had recently. We have found it difficult to find a contractor who could guarantee the complete removal of the mould, but quotes are now in and we expect work to commence this summer.

Bikes in Car Park – There have been number of abandoned bikes in the garage. Ellmans wrote to all leaseholders asking them to claim their bikea by placing a sticker on them. Bikes not marked have now been removed & ‘recycled’. (Southern Housing also contacted their residents).

Bin Room – A problematic area! After emptying the bins, the refuse collectors haphazardly throw them back in to the room. This has resulted in damage to the double door entrance on more than one occasion and subsequently we have incurred additional expense in repairs. We have contacted the council as well as the Ward Councillor, but this matter remains unresolved and is now in the hands of the Ombudsman.

Internal Redecoration – Bound by the terms of the lease, we are obligated to decorate the building every seven years. We are currently in the process of obtaining quotes. Ellmans have appointed a surveyor to inspect the interior of the building and have provided a written spec for prospective decorators. To facilitate this work a Section 20 Notice has been sent to all residents.

Carpet Cleaning will be arranged after decorating has been completed.

Lift Emergency Telephone - The lift is regularly serviced and maintained so we would hope to avoid any breakdowns. Should you need to use the emergency phone please bear in mind that the button needs to be pressed for 10-20 seconds before connection occurs.

Residents Contact information: