Landforms and Climate

Panama has thick forests and is very hilly and the climate is cool. most of panama is covered by lowlands, Caribbean lowlands have rain forests on them. Panama has two main mountains the Tabasara mountains and the Cordillera mountains.


The tribes were descendants of the Mayans and the Chibcha. In 1821 Panama was under the control of New Granada (Colombia) until 1903.


70% of the population was Mestizo,14% of the population was descendants of African slaves, Indigenous Populations make up about 6%, the last major population was whites which made up about 10%. Younger populatin


Most of the food in Panama is hot and of the most popular dishes is ceviche, which is fish marinated in onions, peppers and lime juice. When people in Panama are hungry and they want a snack the eat Fried tamales. Drinking age=18