how to interview for a job

things to do before an interview

plan your rout so you don't get there too early or late

prepare questions for your interviewer

research the company to know what they are looking for in employees

plan ahead and think what they will ask you and prepare

dress for the job

dress one step ahead of what the employees are dressed

don't dress to flashy or they wont be focused on your words

don't wear bright colors

always wear khakis and a button up shirt at least

don't wear excessive jewlery

interview don'ts

do not ask about price right off the bat

don't be flashy with clothing

do not fidget in chair

don't have a bad attitude

During the interview

be courteous to your interviewer

ask questions if needed

be honest about yourself when asked

maintain good eye contact

After the interview

after the interview shake hand firmly

make notes about critical details

write a thank you letter

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5 common interview questions

tell me about yourself- tell them what you have done successfully

what are your weaknesses- stay away from personal qualities

why should we hire you- tell them good qualities you have

why do you want to work here- tell them why you want to work there and give details

why did you leave your last job- stay away form bashing the last job and saying you had a bad manager

Interview Dos and Don'ts