Knights Watch

January 4 - 8

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Improving our core instruction in the areas of Guided Reading, Lucy Calkins' writing, and Number Talks.
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child

Welcome Back!

So, did you have fun? Can you think of at least one moment over the break where you laughed longer than you should, ate something terrible for you but delicious, or woke up to your own schedule actually feeling human? I hope you can check each of these off as well as add some of your own. I actually had a few moments where I lost track of what day it was. I call that success!

Third quarter is here. We have a busy start with our Community Visit on Friday. We have a team of fifth grade students who will serve as docents to take visitors on a tour of our school. Prepare your students to have multiple visitors between 8:30 - 10am on Friday. Be yourselves and do what you do. All will go well!

Third quarter is also the time when our SLO comes alive. I appreciate the work you've put in setting the stage for Calkins or the focus of your SLO if you are not a classroom teacher.

I'm hoping 2016 brings answers as far as the state's stance on what we do. We can each share a story or two of how the unknowns have been frustrating and a bit scary. We'll make it by keeping our focus on kids.

See you tomorrow!

Go Molly!

Of course, the key word is "proposed," but I feel good about this...

Monday, January 4th

Bring your iPad to the media center for a brief meeting at 8am.

During your team time, review and discuss the writing lesson plan and make it yours. The remainder of the day is yours for planning.

Parent Newsletter submissions are due Friday (Email to me). Newsletter will be sent out with report cards.

January 8 - Community Open House

On Friday, January 8, the board, district cabinet, and community members will visit our classrooms beginning at 8:30am. This is a chance for us to show off a bit for those outside of our school so please be mindful of your displays of student work inside and outside of the classroom. Prepare yourself to have visitors observing and talking with your students that day.

Prep for January 13 Number Talk PD

Each teacher will prepare a Number Talk to teach to their grade level during our team meeting on January 13. Michael, Kristen, and your team will be able to ask questions and give constructive feedback. Thanks, in advance, for being prepared! We are very excited for this micro-teaching opportunity!

Possible Retention

If you have a student in your classroom that you are considering retaining, you need to schedule a PST meeting now. Any student not involved in PST prior to February 1 will not be considered for retention.

This Week:


      • Workday


        • 2:45 - Task Forces to Meet - Minutes posted in Canvas


        • 3-5 Knights Doing It Right at 2pm
        • Teams work on writing plans for the next week. Lisa will pop-in.


        • Leonard at AP Meeting, AM


        • Recycling boxes out by 7:45AM
        • Community/Board Visit at 8:30AM
        • TK Nominations Due; Grade Level Newsletter Due
        • Team minutes posted in Canvas

        Coming Up:


        12 - PLC Tuesday; Report Cards sent home

        13 - Team Meetings - Number Talks

        14 - Heather Rollings @ MGES; SIC at 5:15; PTA at 6:00pm

        18 - No School, MLK Holiday

        19 - Faculty Tuesday - Essential Learning

        20 - Team Meetings with Lisa - Calkins

        26 - John Hodge - Collab Tuesday

        30 - Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball Games - Women's at 1pm; Men's at 4pm


        12 - No School

        15 - No School


        14 - Teacher Workday

        25 - Teacher Workday (Trade-in day if you attended the summer PLC Conference)