Frogtastic News

April 14-18

Summer will be here before you know it!

Join kids age 8-12 this Summer at our 2014 Austin Enrichment Camp!

What are we learning?

Unit: Plants

L.A.: Main Idea, Prepositions, Contractions

Sight Words: said, what, was

-ut word family

Math: Addition/Subtraction word problems focusing on key terms

Social Studies: Wants and Needs review

Science: Identify parts of an plant, life cycle of a plant

Mark Your Calendar

Monday 4/14: Mrs. K is out for Professional Development


Tuesday 4/15: PE

Wednesday 4/16: Art

Thursday 4/17: Library


Spring Walk 11:30-1:30

Bring a disposable sack lunch

Friday 4/18: Runners Club

Tuesday 4/22: Field Trip to Grapevine Sea Life