Proper Posture

Learn how to use correct posture and avoid injury!

Repetetive strain injury (RSI)

As a team, you must realize that it is a necessity to stay fit and safe even in the office. This flyer will be guiding you through correct seating positions, correct heights, and simple activities to do in your spare time to keep yourself fit. RSI (repetitive strain/stress injury) occurs when you stay in front of your screen for too long without working out at least a little bit.

Symptoms and stages of injury

The office is a safe place we have built for you. These are some symptoms and stages of injury that we (as your employers) would never want for you to experience.

  1. General pain in the wrist and hand areas.
  2. Inability to move certain parts of your hands.
  3. Minor & major back injury.
  4. Inability to stretch the spine.
  5. Neck pains.
  6. Rotation of the neck can injure you.
  7. Numbness and tingling due to damage or lack of blood supply to the nerves that may be pinched or twisted in severe cases of RSI.

How to prevent injuries and all about ergonomics

Remember to set your chair to the most comfortable position as well as the height of your monitor.

Make sure to use indirect lighting where possible and keep the lights on your work!

It is your responsibility as an employee to try your very best to keep yourself comfortable and energized in the workplace.

Good ways of doing this is to make sure to type in the correct position, keep your elbows at a ninety degree angle with the keyboard and make sure your neck isn't craning down too much.

The workplace comes equipped with chairs with arm rests just for your safety and comfort.
There is a link above to demonstrate all the exercises you could do while in the office. A few of them are:

  • Walking
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Knee-lifting
  • General stretches

Having troubles? Need to troubleshoot?

Contact an administrator or your supervisor by reaching any telephone around the office and look at the bottom of the phone to see all the numbers of the people available to help. To properly set it up, there are instructions on our corporate website. Or ask your fellow workmates about it.

See you at work!