The Holiday "T" Award.

Nominate a friend for a Talent, Trend or Taste.

Be Part of The "On Deck" Experience!

This competition focuses entirely on the Festive spirit of giving. Throughout December "On Deck With Lucy" is looking for New Yorkers to nominate friends, family and loved ones for the opportunity to win The "T" Award Title. The inspirational nominee will potentially represent a Talent, Trend or Taste in the city. As a "T" winner they will be featured as a guest in the second series, recieve tons of publicity, and have the opportunity to get the recognition they deserve-it's a gift they will never forget! Do you have a friend who is an incredible chef? a sister who is a remarkable designer? a mom who is an amazing singer? Sometimes we need the help of others to make us shine....Email nominations to

Who will be representing the next "T"?

Email your nominations...

The competition will run throughout December so email your nominations and tell us why you think you know who should win the "T" Award to and for more ideas about the Three T's check out all of our episodes at

What is "On Deck With Lucy?"

"On Deck with Lucy" is a web show that was created to highlight the three T's of NYC-The Talent, The Trends and The Tastes. Lucy is a British TV/Radio host who is excited to invite viewers to experience everything the city has to offer throughout her journey creating this original show. She focuses on capturing the best parts of the city through the appearances of her guests- singers, street performers, authors, comedians and much more! Join Lucy as she highlights everything the city is made up of-The Three T's.

Now it's your chance to choose what you see in the next series-nominate a Talent, Trend or Taste and be part of the "On Deck' experience.