Waiting for Words

A Partnership Between Book Binders

Why Waiting for Words?

Waiting for Words is a partnership between book binders so that our customers will know that they are choosing from the highest quality products, while giving our partners more markets for their work. Waiting for Words is a partnership so that each artist involved can actively be involved in decisions made by Waiting for Words. This means that all artists in our business are able to discuss goals and methods to achieve these goals. Our business is for artists by artists! Though finding funding and effecting the community around us can be hefty goals we find the opportunities though the support of each other. By working together as group of creative people we are able to overcome any disadvantages that we may run into. The largest problem we have encountered is when we have a disagreement that divides our partners and sometimes even creates hostility, but once finding compromise harmony is restored. Our business had meetings twice a month to discuss if any changes are needed and to discuss future events. In these meetings complaints are made and plans to change to fix those complaints are made. As we are all equal partners, specific events will be lead by specific partners and leadership positions are appointed each year.

Samples of Our Products

How are the products created?

Each of our artists have their own studio to work in, but we also have a few studios available for rent and in which we offer classes, workshops, and tutoring in book binding techniques. As Waiting for Words is an open shop because we believe that our artists' focus should be on improving their work, rather then conforming to a single idea or set of beliefs. If they choose to join a union that fits their beliefs that is not discouraged, but no one union is encouraged or supported. A wide range of beliefs are found in Waiting for Words this gives us the advantage of a wider range of creative ways for overcoming issues. These differences in opinions are what helps create multiple "outside of the box" methods.

Is Waiting For Words Eco-Friendly?

Waiting for Words encourages our artists to be eco-friendly by being creative without reducing the quality of products. Some of the ways this is achieved by our artist is by reusing or repurposing items. Old wallpaper, maps, and fabric are all wonderful for covers as they add character to the book without wasting. Another way is to make new paper or to marble paper with older paper or fabrics which creates unique textures and colors for the paper used in their works. Each artist finds creative ways to give our customers the best products while benefiting the environment. We fund projects during low demand times of the year for some of our partners to go find materials from local communities for repurposment.