The JLC Class'

April Adventures

Music Monday, 4/11

How do you play with music at home? Looking for some ideas? Visit the NAEYC website for more info about incorporating music at home!

Does your family have a special song you love to sing? Do you have a family member that plays an instrument? Do you know a traditional dance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would love for you or a family member to join our class on MONDAY, 4/11 to share with us! If you can't make it to our classroom, feel free to email/send in a CD, video or photos of your family!

In school, we will be singing and dancing in a musical parade around our playground (weather permitting) to the song "One Love". You can enjoy singing the song at home with your family too!
One World Chorus sings One Love

Taco Tuesday, 4/12

We hope to instill a healthy, active lifestyle to each child in our care! On Taco Tuesday we will further discuss our daily healthy meal choices, review MyPlate, participate in YOGA activities, Animal Walks, and other games to play to stay active!

Our class will also participate in a healthy snack cooking activity! Cooking with children has many benefits to their learning and lifestyle! Have your child help you peel bananas, make a fruit salad, or even help gather, measure, and mix the ingredients for banana bread!
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Work Together Wednesday, 4/12

On Wednesday, the JLC Class will be visiting the Infant/Toddler classrooms at Noah's Ark to "work together" and read to a younger peer!
We will also be participating in many team building activities!

An important part of working together at home is playing together! How do you play with your child at home? A fun open-ended way to play with your child is during play-dough fun! Best part-- you might even have the ingredients needed to make play dough in your pantry at home! Visit here to see how one mother makes play dough with her two children, and the materials she supports them with to enhance creativity!

Artsy Thursday, 4/13

Visit the JLC classroom for an "Art Auction" on Thursday!!! The children will be proudly displaying their favorite works of art. Best of all--their pieces are "for sale"! (Prices may be a special hug for your child--or even a small monetary donation!) All donations will be put towards new playground materials! Can't wait to see you at our Art Auction on Thursday!

Art and creativity in our classroom is about the PROCESS not the final product! Our experiences are what help us develop and grow. Take a peek here to see how you can support your child's creative process at home!

Family Friday, 4/14

We hope you can join us on Friday at arrival, 5-10 mins during the day, or at dismissal! We'd love for each child to have a family member visit and read a special story, join us in play, or share something special about their family!

Every moment with your child is special! Memories are made each day! To cherish those memories you and your child can create a special family book. Here's some great tips to making books with your child! You could even share your special book with your child's class!

We'd also love your feedback in regards to why you love Noah's Ark! Please visit our Facebook page and share your feedback with us! While you are visiting our page, take a peek at our pictures that we will be posting each day during Week of the Young Child and photos from events that have already taken place!

"The JLC Superstore"

As we returned back from Spring Break, our classroom has started transforming into a superstore--similar to that of Walmart or Target. The children have been hard at work creating props and laying the foundation for the following centers:
  • Hardware Department
  • Garden Department
  • Grocery Department
  • Clothing Department
  • Books/Electronics Department
  • Check out Lanes & Advertising Department

To help us in our learning and explorations, we would love for you to send in any store circulars (home depot, walmart, target, etc.).

The Seeing Eye Dog Program Visits Noah's Ark

We were filled with excitement as the Seeing Eye Dog program brought 5 puppies in training to our program! We were introduced to 10 week old Diamond (standard poodle), 5 month old Debbie (golden retriever), 6 month old Valley (German Shepherd), 9 month old Will (golden retriever), and 14 month Zara (lab/golden mix).

We learned about how families foster the puppies until they are ready for "puppy college"--where the puppies attend seeing eye training school and learn how to best support the needs of those who might need a guide dog due to visual impairments.

The trainers showed us how 10 week old Diamond is learning to walk "forward" on her left side and stay in pace!

Each child was provided the opportunity to ask "Can I please pet the dog?". We reminded the children that we must always ask before grabbing/reaching for an animal.

The Seeing Eye program was very grateful for the donations they received! Thank you again to all those that helped!
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Feel free to place your April Book Orders!

Your purchases provide us with bonus points to be used towards new books for our classroom! Not only that, but you are setting the foundation to support your children in becoming life long lovers of reading!

Feel free to take a peek online at:

Our school code is: GPJG9

Noah's Ark has a school wide lending library! If you are ever interested in borrowing a game or book please see Miss Sammy or Miss Sarafina! Miss Sarafina has several games available for you and your family to play with at home! We also have each book available from the Learning to Get Along Series. The Learning to Get Along series helps children learn, understand, and practice basic social and emotional skills. Real-life scenarios, lots of diversity, and captivating illustrations make these read-aloud books perfect for home and school settings. Each book ends with a section of discussion questions, games, and activities adults can use to reinforce what children have learned.

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