Pamlico Sound

Located in North Carolina

Why are estuaries important?

Estuaries are vital to ecosystems because they harbor many unique species of animals not found anywhere else. In addition estuaries are raising ground for young fish before they swim out in to more open waters. Estuaries also act as a filter for water, removing sediments and excess nutrients. Estuaries also act as storm buffers, lessening the effects of floods and storm surges. They are also places people like to fish and do recreational activities. Needless to say they are important, and the Pamlico is the second biggest in the united states.

Wildlife native to the Pamlico

Waterways that lead to the Pamlico sound

Albemarle, Currituck, Croatan, Pamlico, Bogue, Core and Roanoke sounds all lead into the Pamlico.

Threats to the Pamlico

Marine farming, sewage, sediments, nutrients, pollutants, land clearance, channel dredging, and introduced species. All these and even more threaten the delicate balance of estuaries, and with Pamlico being of the largest, it is effected by all these things for miles and miles around. So please, consider the greater picture and whatever acts no matter how small to save our estuaries and ecosystems.