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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Trump Under Attack

Leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump has finally confessed to all of the accusations thrown at him about being a white supremacists. In a press conference earlier this week Trump left himself open to the public and agreed to answer as many questions as he possibly could. In a storm of questions from reporters belonging to some of the most renowned news broadcasting companies, a little African American girl stepped forward through the crowd of adults and patiently raised her hand and waited to be called on to ask one question that would blow this election wide open.

Noticing the little girl standing there in a sea of rabid reporters, Trump’s secretary addressed the young girl and asked her what her name was.

The little girl started to say something but was so quiet someone had to hand her a microphone. “My name is Carolina Thomas, I’m eight years old and I have a question for Mr. Trump.” With all eyes on her, little Carolina had the floor and everyone’s attention.

“Mr. Trump is it true that you are part of the KKK?”

The silence in the room was broken and cameras started flashing as everyone scrambled to get a picture of Trump’s reaction to allegations that had not yet been confirmed nor denied during the presidential campaign.

After about five minutes of silence, Trump’s assistant called off the press conference leaving everyone in the room with millions of questions. So is Trump part of the KKK? And where were that little girl’s parents? Could this be the end of the road for the Trump campaign?

A week after the conference the NAACP stepped up and took responsibility for Carolina Thomas’s appearance at the conference. Carolina Thomas comes from a long line of civil rights activists and both of her parents, who are members of the NAACP saw the conference as an opportunity and decided to send their daughter to poke the political bull a little bit.

And it would appear that their efforts have paid off, because Carolina Thomas isn’t the only one who comes from generations of a famous organization. In a letter addressed to the public Donald Trump admitted that his great grandfather was one of the founding members of the KKK and that as a young teenager he did in fact get involved in some of the Klan’s activities but that since then he had cut off all ties with the organization.

Trump has refused to answer any further questions on the matter and has cancelled all of his appearances for the month. There has been no word from his publicist and he continues to give the public the silent treatment.

Cousins Causes of Chaos

Fights at Fondy High are on the rise once again after Christmas break, the reason for these new statistics? Two cousins.

Sources from the FHPD (Fondy High Police Department) say that more fights and disturbances have been occurring ever since school's been back in session. Police have found two constant variables in all of these occurrences. Two female students here at Fondy High. Police aren't releasing any names but it's believed the two are in fact cousins, one a sophomore and one a senior, but that's all our sources know for sure.

According to some eyewitnesses the two cousins are infamous here at Fondy High for not only instigating fights and disturbances but for also ganging up or "jumping" other students! The most recent incident happened on Thursday January 7th, in the English pod just before fourth hour.

We had a chance to talk to the victim of this attack to get her version of the story since the attacker had to be put in a cage and shackled up for acting like a savage beast. The victim, who requested to remain unknown told one of our reporters, " I was walking through the English pod to my next class when (we'll call the attacker Georgina) Georgina walked by and looked at me with the eyes of a blood thirsty shark."

"I only caught a glance of the look that she gave me from the corner of my eye and that was enough to set her into action."

"Next thing I know Georgina is screaming and cussing at me threatening to fight me!" Georgina is in fact a senior with a cousin who is in the 10th grade and both are pretty close matches to FHPD's profiles of the two female students. The two females are believed to be loud with reputations for starting fights and arguments all over Fondy High. SRO's are still on the look out though.

Let's Change Rape Culture

During the time of year when the weather get's warmer, shorts get a little shorter and tops a little higher, and because of that schools all over the United States crack down on female students for the way that they are dressed according to the dress codes given at each and every school. Things like, shorts must reach your finger tips, crop tops aren't allowed, tank tops must be two fingers thick, some schools even go as far as banning female students from wearing leggings unless the shirt that they are wearing is long enough to cover their back side.

And would you like to know the reasoning for dress code regulations like this? It's distracting to other students, aka male students and in all honesty male staff as well. Instead of teaching boys in school to respect all women regardless of how they may be dressed, we tell girls to cover up because if your belly is showing my dear then none of the boys can get an education. Girls are sent home or forced to call their parents to bring them a change of clothes because Johnny just couldn't keep his eyes off of Karen's butt for the whole class period. And since Johnny's education is more important than Karen's, she must waste another 45 minutes of her time trying to explain to the principals in the office that maybe Johnny should've kept his eyes on his paper instead. And will Johnny ever have to spend a second explaining himself or even apologizing to Karen, no he won't. Nobody will say anything to Johnny, and because of that Johnny thinks it's okay to take it a step further and use his hands instead of his eyes, because silence equals consent and if no adult is telling Johnny what he's doing is wrong he'll just keep on doing it.

In turn dress codes also make female students feel like they should be ashamed or embarrassed of their bodies, because if you're being asked to cover up there's got to be something wrong with you and the way your body looks in those clothes that you're being forced to change out of. Dress codes also put fear into female students at young ages when they hear stories about the girl that was raped in the back of a taxi because the shirt she was wearing made her boobs look so good that the driver, Johnny just had to pull into the back of an alley and force himself on her. They tell us, "Now if Jennifer hadn't been wearing that shirt this wouldn't have happened to her." Because wearing a shirt that makes you feel good about yourself is asking to be sexually assaulted by Johnny who was never taught that women are not toys or something you deserve and just have to have. Jennifer doesn't go a day without someone mumbling the word "slut" or "whore" as they walk past her in the hallway, all because she had the guts to wear a shirt!

But would you like to know who else was sexually assaulted? My oldest sister who was out with a friend she thought she could trust. Dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, they went out to go to the movies, but her friend decided, "I'm going to rob her tonight instead." And what did he take from her? Not just her virginity, but any kind of trust she had for anybody in her life, it was seven years before she started having male friends again. And would you like to tell me that maybe her jeans were a little too tight and that that's why someone she trusted took advantage of her? To this day my mother won't let me hang out with a guy one on one because every 107 seconds somewhere in America a girl is being suffocated under a man who just couldn't keep it in their pants. Because in today's world 1 in every 3 girls will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, all because some boy wasn't told that clothing doesn't give permission.

We think we're solving the issue by having girls change their clothes or just avoiding certain clothes all together, but that doesn't change a thing. Women will still be assaulted, boys will still look at your chest instead of your eyes when they are speaking to you, and men old enough to be your father will still try and ask you if you're 18. They will still convince you that everything's okay and just to let it happen when they stick their hands down your pants when you're so shit faced drunk that you can't even get the word "Stop," out of your lips. Don't tell girls to change, teach boys to stop.

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