Air Pollution

By:Breanna Parker

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What is ozone and why is it important? The Ozone is a gas in the atmosphere that protects everything living on the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun and Without the layer of ozone in the atmosphere, it would be very difficult for anything to survive on the surface.

What is the major cause of ozone depletion? When cfc’s and hcfc reach the stratosphere, the ultra violet radiation from the sun break them apart.

What chemicals are involved?The Chemicals that are involved in ozone depletion Chlorofluorocarbons,Halons,Methyl Chloroform,Carbon Tetrachloride,Hydrofluorocarbons.

What type of products contain these chemicals?

  • Chlorofluorocarbons are used in refrigerators,freezers and air conditioners in buildings and cars manufacturers.
  • Halons are used in fire extinguishers and automobile air conditioners
  • Methyl Chloroform are used in industry — for vapour degreasing, some aerosols, cold cleaning, adhesives and chemical processing.
  • Carbon Tetrachloride are used in solvents and some fire extinguishers.

What affect does it have on people?

It can cause more skin cancers, premature aging of skin, more cataracts, blindness

What affect does it have on animals? It can cause eye & cancers.

Where is it a large problem?

Ozone hole and it lies over Antarctica

Ways to prevent it?

limit private vehicle driving, use eco friendly household cleaning products, Avoid using pesticides, unplug any unused products, plant a tree, carpool, bike, use energy efficient products