A Christmas Carol

Staves 1-5

Stave 1

Fred: Fred is Scrooge's nephew and is a nice person, and invited Scrooge over for dinner, but Scrooge had refused. He is also very very in to Christmas and loves the holiday and believes you should celebrate it.

Ghost Of Marley: Jacob Marley which had passed away 7 years ago was opposite of Scrooge, he was very happy and joyful during Christmas, when having his Christmas party when he was the owner/boss. He was way more acceptable and happy.

Scrooge: Scrooge is the owner of a counting-house and he is very old, and bitter. He is also very hatred especially during Christmas. He is also grumpy.

Bob Cratchit: A very poor man that snagged a job from Scrooge, his boss. He is a very nice person and has a large family. When Scrooge hired him even though he was very rude and hatred sometimes towards Bob, he still was very nice to Scrooge.

Stave 2

The First Of the Three Spirits: Has a light glowing from its head and has a cap. The first of the spirits is nice and it is also is the Ghost of the Christmas past. This spirit wants to show Scrooge what he used to be like and eventually he will realize how he needs to change.

Place: He took him to the countryside where he had grown up and was raised, and took him to his school where he saw himself alone reading a book, getting intensely into them. He took him there so then Scrooge could see and realize that he was just alone and didn't have anyone, during Christmas.

Place: The second place he took him was Fezziwig's party where he was apprenticed as an young man. He took him there because he could see people celebrating Christmas and having a good time.

Place: The third place is when the spirit shows Scrooge Belle which was taking off their engagement crying, Scrooge saw how he had treated her and soon after saw his ex (Belle) and he saw her and her new husband which they were talking about Scrooge, and how he is alone now. Scrooge wanted to leave badly, but the Spirit refused until it was time. He took him here because he can now see how badly and mistreated that he treated her, and then he saw her new husband and her having a great time.

Stave 3

The Second of the Three Spirits: This is the Ghost of Christmas Present and he is easily picked out from the spirits because he is a huge spirit, with a green robe. This Spirit only lives a single day, and he is an older man. He is the ghost that has to symbolized "children" ignorant and want. He is very repetitive as he kept saying Scrooge's own words, "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" He says this and it saying that he is indeed ignorant like one of the spirits "Children." This spirit is one that really wants to make a point to Scrooge, and kind of seems mean, but may not be.

Place: In the city streets, where people were very merry and saying "Merry Christmas!"

I feel like he took him here first to show what people are doing on Christmas usually "compared" to what he usually does.

Place: The second place is Bob Cratchit's house. Here they are having a feast when Scrooge is watching and Bob Cratchit's wife says, "I thank Scrooge." She said this because Scrooge, although how mean and how much she hated him is the one that Bob Cratchit his job, which can get them the food they have today. Scrooge asks about Tiny Tim, and if he is going to be able to survive, the spirit responds that given the current conditions, "The seat will be empty next Christmas." This is to show Scrooge that even though how much you may hate someone (personality wise) if they do something nice for you, that you need to thank them and be appreciative even if you don't like them.

Place: The third place is Fred's festive party for Christmas where they feasted and they played games, and Scrooge actually thought he was there for sometime and he was playing games with them getting lost in them even though he really wasn't there, but then Fred / others started comparing Scrooge to a wild animal and thats about when Scrooge left. I think in this visit it means that Scrooge is treating people bad so why should they treat him any better, and this is where comparing him to a wild animal comes into play.

Place: Mysterious place I'm not sure, but when Scrooge notices two children under the big tall man, and asks about them and they are "ignorance" and "want."

The point of this I believe is just informing Scrooge about how he is ignorant.

Stave 4

The Last of the Spirits: A phantom, the most menacing and scariest of the spirits, slowly had approached Scrooge. Scrooge stated that this was by far the scariest of them. This spirit was The Ghost of Christmas Yet to come. This ghost also doesn't speak to Scrooge really.

Place: London Stock Exchange where business men are discussing the death of a rich man. The spirit brought him here to get his suspicions up and to wonder what they are talking about and to get him confused.

Place: The second place is a shop in London where people were stealing this man's things and selling them for money. He is bringing him here "telling" him that the dead man's stuff is getting stole then sold.

Place: Place / household where a family is showing relief at the death of an unforgiving man to who owed them money. After those two he realizes that someone is obviously dead, and something is going on.

Place: The Cratchit family where they are trying to cope with Tiny Tim, he asks who this dead man is and is begging to know. Scrooge finally asks who he is and really wants to know, but he refuses until.

Place: Graveyard where he brought Scrooge, and had pointed at Scrooge's grave and said "EBENEZER SCROOGE", he begs the spirit to undo everything and that he will change himself. Here it represents him in the future if he doesn't change his ways.

Stave 5

The End of It: In Stave 5 when Scrooge "awakes" he realizes that he is still there and figures out from a little boy it is Christmas day, and he is over joyed and happy. Scrooge starts shouting "Merry Christmas!" Scrooge gets a giant turkey to deliver for the Cratchits, he attends his nephews party, and people are suprised. The next morning (work) when Bob Cratchit arrives late Scrooge acts as if he is mad, but really isn't and is joyful and gives Bob a raise. He eventually becomes a second father to Tiny Tim keeping his word he will help them out.

Moral: The moral of the story was to tell people not to be ignorant and to not be mean during and time that you could be celebrating and be grateful for it unlike Scrooge, he was just a mean person who didn't want to celebrate a time when everyone else was being joyful and happy.