French summative project

By: Jimmy Meister

French questions

Il s'appelle Jean Reno

Il a soixante-huit ans

Il est né Casablanca

Il est acteur

Il est francais

Il habite a Paris

Il aime faire le baseball

Il n'aime pas faire le football American

Il aime le orange

Il est sympa et intelligent et travaleur et patient

Il a les cheveux brun et raides et Il est grand et Il a les yeux vert

Il a une vest marron et une baskets bleu et Il a decontracte et a la mode

Il a le look beaucoup pourqa il est atceur

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In some way clothes can determine how your are because you can have a sporty look so people think you are sporty and you are

We use fashion to say I am fancy or I am rich or I am fashionable and that's basically how we use fashion as an identity.

Should we judge people by there look, I think not because if he has a sports team hat or shirt he isn't going to be on that team so that's why I think you shouldn't judge people by there clothes