Solar Energy


Why Should I Switch to Solar Energy?

Solar power uses panels with photo-voltaic cells that are made of semiconductor materials. When the sun hits these cells it causes the electrons to fall off their atoms. As the electrons go through the cell, they generate electricity. There are many positives to switching to solar energy like

  • abundance
  • renewability
  • it has no effects on the environment
  • solar panels make no noise
  • they are low maintenance
  • the technology is improving
  • as far as we know we will always have solar power

By switching to solar energy, you are helping the Earth reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned for energy.


Solar energy is very green and abundant. However there are some negatives with the use of these solar panels.

  • it can be very expensive
  • the sun can be intermittent
  • the storage of the sun energy is expensive
  • making of the panels is associated with pollution
  • panels takes up a lot of space

In the end, isn't paying a little more worth the life and health of the planet we live on? Sun for the long run!