LEAD Innovation Studio

Vol. 4, Issue 9 - October 16, 2020


I just want to say how wonderful it is to see students in the building. We are grateful to connect with our students - both in person and via distance and online learning. We miss seeing all of our students every day, but are grateful for any connection we can have. I must say we also miss contacting face to face with our families and hope the time will come in the not too distant future when we can all connect. There is an upcoming opportunity for parents/ guardians to engage with administration on Monday, 10/26 (see below for details).

Our current learning modalities create both challenges and opportunities. We are working very hard to provide incredible learning experiences for all students, and to support students who need additional supports. Please be sure to reach out with questions or concerns - we are always looking to partner with you to support your student!

We are coming up to some important dates, please be sure to check information below on some of those dates:

  • Picture Days - 10/19 and 10/20
  • LEAD Parent Advisory Meeting 10/26
  • Seniors - Graduation - Cap and Gown and Announcements information
  • End of 1st Quarter 10/29
  • Second Semester Student Enrollment Window: 10/29 - 11/13


On October 19 and 20 (this Monday & Tuesday), Reed Portrait group will be here for student pictures. Those students who are in person will be photographed both of these days. Students who are fully online will have their photo taken after school hours on October 19. Fully online LEAD students should sign up for an appointment here. This is only for students who are LEAD/PH Online students (siblings attending other buildings will not be photographed at LEAD). Only students will be allowed in the building for these appointments.

Seniors who have not yet had their senior portraits taken, please call Reed Portrait Group at 816.436.5550 to schedule an appointment. These must be done by November 30 in order to make it in the yearbook. You can also have cap and gown pictures taken at this appointment.

If you would like to order pictures you may bring your order on picture day payable with cash or check. You may also order online through Monday, Oct. 22.

Please note the following info:

  • Color backgrounds are not available to purchase online
  • Add-ons are only available by purchase of a portrait package
  • If you have more than one student at this school, you will need to complete each child's order with payment info each time

To order online, click here or download the form (below).

Parent Advisory Meeting

At LEAD we operate a parent advisory committee in lieu of the PTAs which our parents are invited to join at the home high schools. This is an open quarterly meeting with our principal, Dr. Stanley.

Our 1st quarter meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday Evening 10/26. Please note the date was moved so as not to conflict with the rescheduled Chiefs game. The current plan is to hold that meeting via Zoom (link to be shared).

If you would like to submit topics or questions, please use this link: Parent Advisory Topic/ Question Form. You will need to submit requests by 10/22. An agenda will be shared in the 10/23 newsletter.

Here is the meeting invite information:

- Topic: LEAD Quarter 1 Parent Advisory Meeting

- Time: Oct 26, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 988 6292 4486

Passcode: 858587

JOSTENS - Class rings & Graduation information

There are several upcoming dates that you'll want to put on your calendar regarding class ring orders as well as senior information for cap & gown and grad announcement orders.

  • October 29 & 30 - Senior class meeting. Socially distanced. Grad announcements & cap/gown information packets distributed. Diploma names collected at this time.
  • November 2 (5:30 pm) - Zoom parent graduation town hall
  • November 3 & 5 (lunch periods) - Grad announcement & cap/gown order day
  • November 12 & 13 - Additional grad announcement & cap/gown order day
  • January 21 & 22 - Sophomore class ring premier (socially distanced class meeting). Order/information packets distributed
  • January 25 & 26 (lunch periods) - Class ring orders
  • February 2 & 4 - Additional ring orders
  • March 12 (lunch periods) - Grad announcement delivery
  • March 17 - Additional grad announcement delivery
  • April 8 & 9 (lunch periods) - Class ring delivery
  • April 15 (lunch periods) - Cap/gown delivery
  • April 21 - Additional cap/gown delivery

Second Semester Enrollment Information

Please see information below from the district regarding enrollment for second semester. If you have questions or want to discuss options, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Academic Options:
Just as in this fall semester, families will choose between in-person and online learning for their children.

· In-Person:
We will again have all students who choose the in-person option in one of the three modes, depending on how bad the pandemic is in our area: 100% in-person mode, split mode (we are currently in this mode), and distance mode.

· Park Hill Online:
This is once again a fully online option for Park Hill students.

Because surveys showed us that we will have some students returning to in-person and some moving to Park Hill Online, we know we will need enough time to develop schedules and make a new staffing plan based on the updated enrollment numbers. Beginning on October 29, families and students will choose between the two learning options, and they will have until November 13 to make their decisions. This allows us enough time to tell the teachers the plan so they can prepare.

Gating Considerations:
We are still working with the health departments on considerations for moving between the in-person modes, and we will provide additional information about this at the October 22 Board meeting.


If you ordered a Park Hill High School yearbook, you may pick it up in the front office at LEAD.

Freshmen Counselor Meetings for ICAP

Hello, LEAD Freshman!

We hope your school year is off to a great start. It’s time for us to meet to discuss your ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) to map out your 4 Year Plan of high school courses. We are so excited to visit with each of you to answer any questions or see how we might be able to help.

Meetings will begin Monday, October 26, and go through Friday, November 20.

  • Hybrid Students – Please select an In Person time and bring your lap top to the meeting. When you sign up, your selected date and time will automatically be added to both your and your counselor’s outlook calendars. On the day of your scheduled meeting, create an e-hall pass to come meet with your counselor.
  • Online Students – Please select a Zoom meeting time. When you sign up, your selected date and time will automatically be added to both your and your counselor’s outlook calendars. Your counselor will send you a zoom link for you to access your meeting.

Sign up for a meeting with your LEAD counselor, here:

Mrs. Shanks (Last Names A-K): https://calendly.com/amanda-shanks/freshman-icap-individual-counselor-meeting

Mrs. Colvin (Last Names L-Z): https://calendly.com/rachelcolvin/freshman-meeting-with-mrs-colvin-last-names-l-z

We look forward to seeing you soon! --Mrs. Colvin and Mrs. Shanks

NHS Service Project - City Union Mission

Hi LEADers and parents!

NHS is doing a quick service project and we need your help! We are collecting food to make into bags for City Union Mission. As we know the holidays are joyous times but they can also be very stressful for some. City Union Mission wants to alleviate some of that stress by giving bags of food to those who are less fortunate for Thanksgiving. Here is a link to a SignUp Genius to sign up to bring in food. This will start Monday, October 19th and will close on October 29th. There will be boxes in your CT classrooms where you will drop them off. THEY MUST BE TURNED IN BY OCTOBER 30th! Please help us out by making a family’s Thanksgiving brighter! Thank you!

NHS President,

Emma Moore

Grades/ Checking Progress for your Student

Please see details below for in-person and online grade and progress monitoring:

In-Person: to check your student's progress for in-person learning, please go to Summit to see your student's dashboard. If you do not have log on information - please let us know and we can get that to you. You can also ask your student to show you their Summit dashboard - the "year" view gives a great snapshot. To learn more about what to look for (and questions to ask your student) view the brief parent onboarding videos below.

Online: to check your student's progress for online learning you need to view student grades in Infinite Campus. Some select classes have had some technical issues with grades posting from Schoology - we are working to resolve that. If you don't see grades entered in Infinite Campus, you can see progress in Schoology. We can support with parent access to both Infinite Campus and Schoology if needed - in the meantime, your student can show you their Schoology and Infinite Campus information.

As always - please monitor your student's progress, ask them about their goals and plans, and reach out with questions or concerns to your student's facilitator, mentor, counselor, or administrator. Mrs. Graham can support with questions regarding access to any of the platforms (grahamt@parkhill.k12.mo.us).


New this year, if your student wants to ride the bus home from LEAD clubs, they may sign up the day the club meets for the ride home. They no longer have to sign up a full week in advance. We are offering some amazing clubs this year and we hope we have great student participation.

LEAD clubs will meet on the following dates:

  • Nov 10 and 12
  • Dec 8 and 10
  • Jan 12 and 14
  • Feb 9 and 11
  • March 9 and 11
  • April 13 and 15
  • May11 and 13

Club meetings will last until 4:15 pm on the days listed above. If you are a car rider please have your ride here by 4:15 pm. If you need to take the bus, you will sign up by using this form https://forms.gle/o8jnCTBunC1uo6oCA.

The bus will not be at LEAD until 4:50 pm on those dates (they are still running their elementary routes). You will come to the commons at 4:15 pm to wait for your bus to arrive.

To sign up for a club, please contact the sponsor and tell them you would like to join. See below for the sponsor’s name and a description of the club.

  • Freshmen Leadership Club- Freshmen can participate in the Chick-fil-a leader academy where they focus on learning how to become a better leader through monthly sessions, and will design and implement service projects at least once each semester. See Mr. Blanton to join!
  • Yearbook-We will produce and publish the LEAD yearbook (May need teacher recommendation to join.) See Mrs. Farber for more information.
  • Literary Magazine-We will produce and publish the LEAD literary magazine. See Mrs. Farber for more information.
  • GSA-Student-Run organizations that unite LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. See Ms. Van Bleisem to join!
  • AP Research-Students enrolled in Spring Semester AP Research to get started on their Research projects, practice skills, and getting things done in preparation for final paper and presentation by April 30, 2021. See Mr. Motta to join.
  • Gaming-We meet to play video games, board games, and card games. See Mr. Motta to join!
  • Interact Club-Within this service club students will have the opportunity to interact and give back to the community. Ideas include: pen pals with nursing home, adopt a spot on school grounds, and hygiene products drive collection. See Ms. Carter to join!


LEAD still has open parking spaces. Therefore, when your student turns 16 please follow the following steps:

Steps for Securing a Parking Sticker: (When available)

1. Complete a Vehicle Registration Form. Vehicle Registration

2. Provide current proof of insurance card.

3. Provide current Missouri vehicle registration.

4. Provide current and valid Missouri driver’s license.

5. Pay the parking fee of $15 per semester to the office designee. You will be issued a receipt.

After issued, the sticker must be affixed to the lower right-hand side (passenger) of the rear window of the vehicle by peeling off the backing to the sticker and adhering to the window in the designated area mentioned above.


Please obtain a temporary permit if you are driving a different vehicle than what is currently registered on file (parking permit). Temporary permits will only be given to students who already have been approved and have a current vehicle registered/parking pass. This will allow you to not get a parking ticket if you drive another car.

A temporary parking permit may be obtained at the Front Office and is valid for 24 hours from time and date stamp. Information to obtain a temporary permit: vehicle make, model, color, and license plate. The permit must be place in the front dashboard of the vehicle and be in full view to be valid. Temporary permits will only be issued to students who already have current vehicle permits.

Schedule Week of 10/19 - 10/23

Monday: In person day for last name A-K

Tuesday: In person day for last name L-Z

Wednesday: Distance learning day for all

Thursday: In person day for last name A-K

Friday: In person day for last name L-Z

Big picture


If your student is taking an AP class this semester it is time to sign your student up for the AP test. The two home high schools do this differently so please read the following for your students home high school. We are only signing up for AP classes that are taking place this semester. If you student is taking an AP class second semester the sign up will take place during second semester.

  1. Park Hill South: Please have your student bring a $95.00 check for each AP test they want to take to Sarah Eisenmenger (LEAD Assistant Principal). South requires students to pay in advance. If your student does not turn in a $95.00 check to Mrs. Eisenmenger by Nov. 2nd they will not have a test ordered.
  2. Park Hill High School: Students fill out a commitment form (deadline TODAY 10/9) . Students will get the form from their AP Teacher, this form has also been emailed. If the student does not fill out the form, they will not take the AP test. Park Hill High School then adds the $95.00 fee to the students Infinite campus account.

If you have any questions or need financial assistance please contact Mrs. Eisenmenger at eisenmengers@parkhill.k12.mo.us


Hello, my name is Melody Villalobos and I am the A+ Liaison for our A+ LEAD students. All of the A+ documentation and volunteer hours go to home high schools and are documented there, but I am here at LEAD to make sure that all families get the information they need, and that any paperwork your student brings to school gets to the home high school efficiently.

To get access to important documents and updated A+ information from both schools, please encourage your student to join the A+ LEAD group on Schoology. To join, please do the following:

  • Open Schoology
  • Click Groups
  • To the right, click My Groups and then click Join
  • Enter this Code GCJ4-52XD-8975F
  • I will approve and then you and your student will have access to the group and the information.

Freshmen A+ families, after you have signed and returned the A+ agreement, your student will need to sign up for a training with their high school. They must complete the training before they can begin their volunteer hours. You will find information and links to those trainings in the A+ LEAD group. You can also find that same information at your home high school's website.

For more information:

PHHS students

PHS students

Please feel free to reach out to me at villalobosm@parkhill.k12.mo.us with questions.


Here is a list of important "To-Do" items for Seniors who are planning on receiving an A+ scholarship. Depending on first or second semester graduation, these items should be done no later than December (fall graduate) or late April (spring graduate). For any of the items that need to be submitted, please submit them directly to your home high school's A+ coordinator and NOT Ms. Villalobos at LEAD. Ellen Reys at PHHS: reyse@parkhill.k12.mo.us or Dr. Owens at PHS: owensj@parkhill.k12.mo.us

ASAP: Parents will need to help with this step and use last year's tax return. Students need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms due . All FAFSA information is available at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

December or April: A+ Attendance appeals & documentation due (if necessary)

December or April: ALL Mentoring and Tutoring hours (50) due

December or April: Final Senior Reflection due (will be sent to your school e-mail)

December or April: Complete Final Transcript Request through Naviance (transcript & A+ funds will be delayed if not completed)

Big picture


To drive to off campus classes, LEAD students must submit the following permission slip. This includes music classes at the home high schools and other programs such as NCC, NCAPS, and MCC-BTC. This school year, LEAD students will not be allowed to transport other students at any time in their cars to any of these off campus classes or programs. Please email the completed form to OffieldA@parkhll.k12.mo.us

Upcoming Dates

  • October 19th/ 20th: Picture Day at LEAD
  • October 26th: 7:00pm Parent Advisory Committee
  • October 29th: End of First Quarter