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December 18, 2015

General Announcements

  • Second Quarter is DONE! When we return in January we'll enter the second half of the year! Great work EVERYONE!
  • Report cards will come in January.
  • We will have our Quarterly Prize Drawing the first week in January. Please send in fun prizes if you are able!
  • Website:

Something to look forward to. . .

  • In SS we'll get ready for war, and study the French & Indian War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, Our New Government and a whole lot more! It's going to go fast, but it's one of the most fun times of hte year!
  • In Science we'll play with waves-light and sound, then simple machines, and finally learn about ecosystems and interesting animal adaptations!
  • Math will wrap up fractions with operations (adding, subtracting, and multiplying). Then we get to look forward to analyzing data, algebra, patterns, and geometry. We will continue to spiral through items from the 1st semester and I'll add in tutoring sessions aimed at specific skills.
  • In Reading we will continue reading from different genres using our genre bingo cards. We will also be focusing on mythology, mystery, and biographies. We will continue to focus on using our reading strategies to decompose texts to answer higher level questions.
  • In Writing we will revisit narratives and study poetry. We will continue to review our grammar skills using Mentor Sentences. I will begin a Writer's Workshop in January to help students after school with any specific skills. More information to come after the break! We will also be cracking down across all content areas in regards to capitalization and punctuation in our writing.

From Ms. Fenwick

Spelling: New spelling list the first full week back!

Reading: We will review our reading strategies using informational texts on winter. Our Genre Bingo Card will start over for the new nine weeks. No Wordly Wise this week! Don't forget that a Reading Check-In on eCLASS is due every Friday under Third Nine Weeks.

Writing: Our first Mentor Sentence of the new quarter will be from a story we will read together, Martin's Big Words. We will be talking about narratives using a fun mystery--Harris Burdick!

From Mrs. Turner

  • Math: We'll review for a few days and then start Fractions, part 2
  • No Ten Marks Next School week.
  • SS: We'll intro the Revolution and our Fun Tax Game!
  • Science: No Science Next week.

Don't Forget!

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