Clinical Depression

By : Marcos Barbosa

Basic description

Being in a depressed state of mind and it affects every aspect of a persons life
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Symptoms of Clinical Depression

Feeling of sadness or worthlessness also feeling disinterested and fatigued

Causes of Clinical Depression

Its not exactly Known how one gets clinical depression but it is most likely a mix of inhered traits, hormones, Brain chemistry, and Biological differences

Diagnosis of clinical depression

A Medical professional must see at least 5 of the symptoms over a period of time

Treatment of Clinical Depression

It can be helped by some medications and psychotherapy can help about 80% of those who suffer

Prevalence in society

Clinical Depression affects 6.7 percent of people living in the U.S. and it also affects more women then men. The average age for someone with depression is 32 years old.
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Depression lasts a lifetime however it usually occurs in episodes so it is not a constant thing.

Interesting facts about Clinical Depression

Clinically Depressed people are 2 times more likely to get illnesses such as the flu.

Research efforts

Clinical Depression is one of the more common mental illnesses therefor it is constantly being researched by many different places.